Victor Thompson Links Up With Gunna And Ehis ‘D’ Greatest On A Remix Of “This Year (Blessings)”

Although the pairing of gospel vocalist Victor Thompson and Gunna initially seems unlikely, the results are nothing short of fantastic. Within a few days of Victor Thompson’s soul-stirring performance at Gunna’s sold-out concert in Los Angeles, the two musicians made the decision to work together on the smash tune “This Year (Blessings)” remix with Ehis ‘D’ Greatest.

” This Year (Blessings)” is a song that emphasizes praising God’s magnificent name and expressing thankfulness from the heart. Gunna also expresses gratitude while seamlessly delivering his verses over the lovely instrumental. A group of gifted people, including Samuel Odey, Kevwe Okpidama, and Olaleke Korede Dominion, collaborated to create the masterpiece.

Victor Thompson, a well-known gospel songwriter and vocalist, is the brains behind the current hit song “This Year,” which was first created in partnership with Ehis D Greatest. Victor Thompson, however, took center stage during Gunna’s live performance and enchanted the crowd with his melodic and soul-stirring singing.

On the Top 50 List of the Afrobeat chart, “This Year” rose to No. 43 before rising to No. 35 in February. Aside from that, Victor Thompson and Limoblaze recently worked together on the popular song “My Matter,” which features UK musician Becca Folkes. Afrogospel music has established itself and will remain.

Listen to the hot new remix below:

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