Vince Staples Talks New Album, “Dark Times” And Updates On Future Of His Netflix Show

Vince Staples recently discussed the future of his Netflix series, The Vince Staples Show, sharing that he is still determining its direction. He expressed his enthusiasm for the show’s success during an interview with Rolling Stone, where he also promoted the release of his new album, Dark Times.

“I’m grateful, I got to do something that isn’t really done on that network, or just done in general, with trying to break format and conventional comedy. I’m just trying some new things. So, I’m very happy that people embraced it, and we’ll see how they feel about it moving forward. We’re still trying to see what’s going to happen with that. But, looking forward to other opportunities in the medium.”

According to Staples, he was surprised by the response this time around because he was used to the more negative feedback on his work. He said that getting so many favourable responses was a first for him and that he appreciated the support from both his critics and supporters. Staples also stated that he was inspired to develop as an artist and musician.

“I don’t really make things that people [enjoy] like that, just to be honest,”

“I think I have a niche fan base. I’ve never had an extreme level of success. So, I’m always open to people not liking something or it not [being digested] right. I was honestly surprised by the way that it was received. But, yeah, man, I just feel like this show went very well, and especially for first-time writing, first-time producing, first-time starring in all of these things, I’m grateful for that.”

In February, The Vince Staples Show made its Netflix debut. More recently, on Friday, Staples released his new album, Dark Times, and critics hailed it as a classic immediately. The album showcases Staples’ flexibility and distinctive sound through collaborations with leading musicians. Dark Times is a landmark release in Staples’ history because of its unique sound and reflective lyrics.

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