Watch Michael “Tariq” Rainey Jr. Reveal Whether Ghost Is Coming Back To “Power”

“Power” star Michael Rainey Jnr reveals whether “Ghost” is coming back to the show after his heartbreaking death.

“Power” is the most popular and most-watched series among black households for a good reason. The story has captivated its audience since it kicked off a couple of years back with Omari Hardwick playing “Ghost”.

Sadly, Ghost was finally killed when his son “Tariq”, played by Michael Rainey Jr., shot him at a nightclub. That has to be one of television’s most heartbreaking scenes. Several spinoffs, including Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book III: Raising Kanan, has gained massive popularity since the end of “Power”. Power Book IV: Force is also scheduled to start soon.

It seems fans are not over the unexpected death of Ghost and are hoping to see him make a return to the show. But, sadly, that’s never happening. Michael Rainey Jr. recently shared a video telling viewers that it isn’t that kind of show where people come back from the dead.

He is quoted saying, “They asking me if Ghost will come back,” said Rainey Jr. on Instagram Live. “The n***a died. Like, I don’t understand, y’all n***as think this is some fake show where n***as comin’ back from the dead. This is Power. It’s not that sh*t. It’s not like when Kanan got set on fire and came back. He ain’t get set on fire; he caught a Figi [gunshot to the face] .

Coming from Rainey, there is no doubt about this.

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