Westside Gunn Dropping New Project This Friday

Westside Gunn is about to gun for the soul of the music lovers out there. He wouldn’t be using a Kalashnikov, though. The songster has promised a new body of work this Friday. So there, you have the “gun.”

In a post on his verified Instagram page, he had given fans clues about what’s coming. First, he noted he’s back in the States and cooked something with his homies. He doesn’t give a fxxk about the mix or master, though, as he’s only keen for something grimey.

Yáll might consider what’s coming to be an album, but the songster would rather call it ART (all caps). A shrug emoji indicates what’s coming is what it is. Three goat emojis indicate the songster wouldn’t sell himself short – he’s as great an artist as anyone out there.

Three biker emojis affirmed the message that Westside Gunn is on the way, speeding to release his project this Friday. Well, the reactions so far indicate that fans are expectant and that they would snap whatever might drop from West Side Gunn’s orbit this weekend.

Westside Gunn Dropping New Project This Friday, Yours Truly, News, June 20, 2024Westside Gunn Dropping New Project This Friday, Yours Truly, News, June 20, 2024

The rapper has released some charming tunes in the past, so the waves of expectancy shouldn’t be discounted. Y’all ready? Stay tuned.

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