Will Smith Uncovers The ‘Biggest Surprise’ He’s Had Regarding His King Richard Awards Sweep

Even though it may seem as though the world is moving with the motion that Denzel Washington is the superior actor, Will Smith has surely earned his stripes in Hollywood as a profound actor. Yes, the two legendary actors are slugging it out at the Oscars this year, but Smith has bagged some award wins for his work and contribution to “King Richard”.

The star actor who is presently prepping for the “I Am Legend” sequel, has reflected on some of his other amazing films, noting one major, stunning difference between his most recent film and other great works of his, and it has something to do with critics.

Following his win at the SAG for Best Actor, Will Smith also secured yet another award for King Richard at the NBR Gala. This time he had a few things to say about his many award wins. Speaking to PEOPLE on the red carpet at the event, Will Smith said:

I guess the biggest surprise so far for me with this film is how unanimous the reaction is to the film. I’ve made 30 years’ worth of movies and there’s never been this kind of blanket agreement that it’s a good movie. I’ve made things that, I would read opposing reviews and I’m like, ‘Did they even look at the same movie?’ you know, with Ali and with The Pursuit of Happyness. Just how many people agree that it’s a good movie is a big surprise for me.

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