With His Latest Posts, Kanye West Defies Instagram’s Rules

Since a few days ago, Kanye has been tearing up everyone from Kid Cudi to Daniel Cherry III in a barrage of posts on Instagram. He’s been listing some of his favorite new songs and some fresh fashion ideas when he’s not starting battles. But during the past few hours, he has been picking battles. Kanye posted Instagram claiming rule violations for his posts of Adidas executives in his first of the most recent batch.

“The adidas board had instagram remove their post off my page and they left Daniel Cherry Pop up there They were using this black man to try to oversea the Pharrell project my project along with other projects that I will not mention out of respect,” wrote Ye.

He then went on to repost each and every image that had been blocked, but this time with milder wording. “God bless everyone Instagram please don’t take down this post I’m simply and kindly bringing light to the fact that Jing Ulrich is on the board of adidas and JP Morgan Chase :)” he wrote in the caption of an image of JPMorgan Chase Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Jing Ulrich.

“Another post from Mr. positive These images are on line Should be noooo reason to remove them from my page,” the rapper penned under a photo of Thomas Rabe.

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