With Kevin Hart, Jay-Z Talks About His Impending Retirement: “I’m Just Going To Leave It Open”

In a recent interview for the second season of the comedian’s show, Hart to Heart, Jay-Z and Kevin Hart talked about the future of their respective music careers and whether or not they both considered themselves to be retired. Also discussed was the iconic rapper’s first effort at retirement after The Black Album’s release.

Jay replied, “Nah, I tried that,” referring to his 2003 album The Black Album, which was touted as Jay-Z’s last release before retirement, in response to Hart’s direct inquiry about if he was retiring. Talking about that time in his career, Hov’ said:

“I just needed a break. But I really thought that I was really burnt out at that time. I was releasing an album every year. ’96, ’97, ’98, and in between that, soundtracks, other people’s albums, Roc-A-Fella, touring, back to back. I just looked up one day and I was like ‘I’m tired.’ I had never been on vacation until like, I want to say 2000, my whole life. I was just really burnt out at that moment.”

Regarding his career’s future, Jay acknowledged that he isn’t currently creating any music and doesn’t have any plans for a new album, but he claims he is uncomfortable with the notion of calling himself entirely retired. Watch Jay-Z and Kevin Hart’s conversation below.

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