Wizkid Endorses Olamide and CKay’s Latest Collaboration, ‘Trumpet’

Wizkid, the Afrobeats sensation, has publicly applauded the freshly released tune ‘Trumpet,’ a lively collaboration between Nigerian singers Olamide and CKay. The Grammy-winning singer took to Instagram to express his excitement for the song, which has generated much hype since its April 20th release.

The song, which is a unique blend of Olamide’s distinct sound and CKay’s silky R&B stylings, provides listeners with an intriguing mix of catchy hooks, harmonious melodies, and energetic beats. It describes a creative collaboration in which both musicians bring their distinct talents to the table, resulting in an enthralling listening experience.

Wizkid’s social media support is no surprise to fans, as the Afrobeats singer has maintained a close relationship with Olamide throughout their careers. The endorsement is the latest manifestation of Wizkid’s commitment to boosting fellow musicians and fostering the Afrobeats genre’s continuous growth.

This latest musical collaboration highlights the booming Afrobeats culture, which is gaining traction on a global scale. As more performers in the genre collaborate and achieve international acclaim, their music reaches new audiences and continues to push limits.

Wizkid recently discussed his own collaboration experiences, specifically the creation of his breakthrough single ‘One Dance’ with Canadian rapper Drake.

With ‘Trumpet’ now gaining worldwide notice, thanks in part to Wizkid’s endorsement, it appears like Olamide and CKay have effectively grabbed the hearts of listeners with their addictive new hit.

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