Wizkid Shows Off Jada P In New Instagram Pictures

From the new shots shared by Nigerian music star, Wizkid, love must have returned to paradise.

Wiz has been in the eye of media attention for the past couple of weeks owing to controversies surrounding music genres, broke-shaming, and his relationship with his manager and partner, Jada Pollock. Wiz recently made a Snapchat post claiming he was single and in search of “one or two,” which would be interpreted as actual numbers if you were born last night.

Jada, on her part, responded to Wiz’s post through a few cryptic tweets, though she did not want the matter to drag on any further than it should, as she firmly believes that personal issues that end up on the internet don’t end up well. Wiz did take down the Snapchat post not long after he shared it, but the tension between the pair remained.

From the looks of it, the fire on the mountain has been extinguished, judging from the newest set of photos shared by the Starboy. They both seemed to be having a shipload of fun as Jada sipped on her alcohol while Wiz stuck to his good old blunt. Some pictures were taken in a posh Rolls Royce as they possibly pulled up for an event. Check them out below.

Wizkid Shows Off Jada P In New Instagram Pictures, Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024

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