Wizkid’s Baby Mama Jada P Flaunts New Land Rover Gifted By Music Star

Wizkid is said to have given his third baby mama, Jada P, a brand new Land Rover in a gesture that has sent tongues wagging. The story spread on social media after Jada P posted photographs of keys to the expensive SUV on her Instagram page.

Wizkid'S Baby Mama Jada P Flaunts New Land Rover Gifted By Music Star, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

Wizkid has already made news for his excessive spending on his baby mamas. He apparently acquired a new car for Jada P just a few weeks ago after purchasing a Maybach for himself.

The announcement has sparked debate on social media, with admirers of the performer going to Twitter to express their joy and respect. Many fans have also taken advantage of the chance to mock other singers’ fans, implying that their “broke faves” cannot afford to buy vehicles for their baby mammas.

Wizkid is known for being generous with his money, especially with the people who work with him and his family members. This recent gesture only adds to that image. Wizkid, one of the most successful performers in Nigeria and worldwide, continues to dominate the music landscape and inspires many of his followers.

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