Woman Sues Event Venue, “The Forum” Over Alleged Injuries During A Harry Styles Concert

A woman is suing the concert venue The Forum over injuries she allegedly suffered during a concert.

According to the unidentified woman, she had attended the Harry Styles “Fine Lines” album release concert at The Forum back in December. She claimed that the crowd had gotten rowdy during the show and surged forward.

In the surge, according to her, she was knocked down and trampled, leading to serious injuries.

In her case against The Forum, however, Harry Styles was not included as a plaintiff. If she should have her way in court, The Forum, the ticketing and seating services will have to pay damages.

She accused the show promoters of not providing sufficient seating, light, as well as crowd control measures on the night of the incident.

The woman insisted that the injuries she allegedly sustained during the concert are debilitating and have drastically reduced the quality of her life.

By the way, complaints about Harry Styles’ shows are not particularly many. The current case is of particular interest because, although the musician was not included as a plaintiff, it was at his show that the woman reportedly sustained her injuries.

It remains to be seen what direction the case will take. Stay tuned.

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