Wyclef Jean Talks Fugees Reunion, Upcoming Single & Album

There is a piece of good news for Fugees fans out there. Wyclef Jean has got something scrumptious on the way, and he’s keen you all should know.

The Haitian rapper gave details about what’s on the way, as well as his affiliation with the Fugees, during a recent interview. According to him, a new single, which is part of a larger project, will drop sometime soon.

Think of it as a prelude to a musical feast or the dessert before the main course. The imminent album is titled “2097.” On release, it would be a follow-up to the Haitian’s 2019’s “Wyclef Goes Back to School Volume 1.”

On the imminent album, the songster noted he was inspired by creating it, and the fans can look forward to threats about his musical journey so far, forming a part of the mosaic of the upcoming project. More than that, fans should expect a 1990’s essence to what is coming.

Wyclef Jean is part of a collective called – a contraction of the word “refugees.” Other members include Lauryn Hill and Pras. The group’s reunion tour was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic but will pick up again. Jean thinks they’re the Walking Dead of hip hop.

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