XXXtentacion’s Body Cam Footage Of Crime Scene Gets Leaked Online

Nearly six years have passed since the terrible murder of XXXtentacion. He was tragically shot to death as the consequence of a planned robbery outside a store in Florida. As soon as the news leaked, cellphone videos of the incident’s aftermath swiftly appeared online.

However, years later, online leaks have occurred containing bodycam footage from one of the responding policemen. Fans who remember images of the area taken after the shooting will find the leaked footage to be extremely unsettling. Although there is nothing obscene in the clips, they do depict part of the police’s initial response to the shooting.

The videos don’t contain any explicit material, but they do demonstrate some of the police’s initial response to the shooting. The cop wearing the camera speaks with several witnesses in the particular tape that was leaked.  He makes notes while two witnesses describe the specifics of what happened.

Fans of the late rapper will find the clip somber reminder of his passing, albeit it’s unknown how it was discovered at last after several years. Since it was uploaded to YouTube earlier today, the video has only received a few thousand views. For the curious fans, you may have a look at the leaked footage below:

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