YG Entertainment Announces New BABYMONSTER, TREASURE Music OTW

According to YG Entertainment, BabyMonster and Treasure are set to release new music in the upcoming months. YG Entertainment announced today (May 20) that BabyMonster and Treasure will be releasing new songs in the future months. Yang Hyun-suk, the company’s founder, is featured in the video. Yang had earlier announced the release of a music video at the beginning of the month for BabyMonster’s song “Like That,” which is taken from their “BABYMONS7ER” album and was written and gifted to the group by Charlie Puth. Because BabyMonster and Treasure are two up-and-coming K-pop groups with talent and originality, fans eagerly await their newest music releases.

He also revealed that the septet will prepare for the October release of their first full-length album. While Yang only mentioned October as a potential release window, the English subtitles said the release would take place “either September or October.” BabyMonster’s pre-release single is scheduled to drop in July, according to Yang, who also announced the group’s upcoming album. More details will be released later.

Yang also discussed Treasure’s upcoming May 28 release of their brand-new song, “King Kong.” Then, he disclosed that the group will release a “new album this fall,” although no more details were disclosed. BabyMonster debuted with the release of “BABYMONS7ER” in April, featuring the title tune “Sheesh.” For unknown health reasons, Ahyeon had to miss the band’s official debut last year; this was also the record’s first release featuring her. Despite Ahyeon’s absence, BabyMonster’s debut album received positive reviews and gained a strong following. Fans are eagerly anticipating the group’s future releases and hoping for Ahyeon’s full recovery.

After releasing their solo single “Stuck in the Middle” in February, the band released “BABYMONS7ER,” their second music release of the year. The song “Batter Up” marked the band’s release in late 2023. Fans are excited to see how BabyMonster continues to evolve and showcase their talents in future projects. The band’s unique sound and dynamic performances have solidified their place in the K-pop scene.

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