YG Makes Reference To Drake’s “Family Matters” On New Single

YG, a West Coast musician, remained silent during the rivalry between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. However, he was addressed in Drake’s diss track “Family Matters,” where the Six Gods used him to mock Lamar by claiming YG killed a set while Lamar didn’t. This small line featured YG alongside other musicians, but YG seemed to feel something about it. Drake’s diss track explicitly called out YG, making people aware of his absence. YG may have taken offense to being dragged into the drama.

“Weird,” a song that YG recently released, seems to hint at the fact that he was, well, mentioned. The information he omits suggests that he took offense at Drake for including him in a dispute that had nothing to do with him. Specifically, it was an altercation with another West Coast musician. “When it’s smoke, don’t ever mention my name,” he raps on the tune. “You gon’ have me jeopardizin’ my fame, jeopardizin’ the gang, jeopardizin’ where you hang, n**ga.”

The rapper doesn’t identify names, but it doesn’t take a keen eye for detail to piece the plot together. YG and Drake have a long history of collaboration. He appears on Drake’s 2014 debut album, My Krazy Life, in the song “Who Do You Love?” The song peaked at number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the second-biggest hit from the album. Drake and YG once again worked together on “Why You Always Hatin?” in 2016, which peaked at number 62. That same year, YG opened for both Drake and Lil Wayne on their respective tours. Even though the two rappers have been friends for years, YG’s friendship with Kendrick Lamar is more significant.

Rappers from Compton cover similar ground in their songs. Over a decade ago, in an interview with MTV, YG praised Kendrick Lamar’s skills as a rapper and collaborator. “Having someone like that on my record is A-1,” he told the newspaper. “I knew Kendrick before I blew up; he knew me before he blew up and was rocking with what I was doing, and I’ve been rocking with what they were doing, so it’s all love and respect.” Not to mention that Mustard, YG’s longtime friend and partner, produced K. Dot’s Drake diss and number one single, “Not Like Us.” The rapper planned on supporting West as well.

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