Young Buck Taken Into Custody For Allegedly Vandalizing Ex-Girlfriend’s Ride

Rapper, Young Buck, was arrested and booked into a local jail in Nashville, Tennessee, for allegedly smashing up his ex’s car.

Last Wednesday, according to TMZ’s reports, Buck came at his ex after he had left her texts informing her of his arrival that day. But his ex neither gave any response nor open up the door for him when he made it to her place.

Reports say he kept banging on the door repeatedly when he wouldn’t be let inside. The rapper, frustrated, left the premises right after indulging his smashing instincts.

This was made known by his ex who discovered her ride, sitting in her driveway, smashed on both the driver and passenger sides. The unfortunate incident was taped and the police have also been able to verify the damage to her car and property.

The PoPo later tracked him, tailing him while he drove, and pulling him over to bring him in. He was fined a $1,000 bond but has since been released.

Buck had filed for bankruptcy back in January 2020, as he is apparently indebted to Fif, the IRS, his ex-girl, and others. In that light, it becomes a bit easy to understand his actions better. After all, a hungry man is an angry man.

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