Young Dolph Is Described By Wiz Khalifa As “Super Solid,” And He Suggests Experimenting Outside Of The Hip-Hop Genre

When asked frequently if they would ever leave the genres that helped mold them, artists typically respond that they are willing to push the boundaries. Much of that has been put into practice by Beyoncé and Drake recently, as evidenced by the success of their albums Renaissance and Honestly, Nevermind, respectively.

Despite the criticism Drake received for his most recent album, which he claimed was a “challenge” for him to complete, Wiz Khalifa is attempting to move beyond rap.

“I think any real artist wants to branch out, but it’s finding your way of expressing yourself,” Wiz disclosed to Billboard. “For me, I always think of doing something way out of the box of Hip Hop, whether it be inspired by whatever — but I know how long it takes to actually develop the real bones and DNA of that sound.”

In order to respect the past of any genre he enters, he said, it is crucial for him to learn about it. “So that’s where you’ll see me step outside of traditional formulas, because I’ve researched it, tried it, seen how it makes other people feel, and looked at how it makes me feel.”

Wiz was questioned about collaborating with Young Dolph on their 2017 album “On the River” in other places. The late rapper was described by Wiz as a reclusive “cool dude.”

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