‎YoungBoy Never Broke Again Releases 11 Tracks Off “The Last Slimeto” Album

‎YoungBoy Never Broke Again premieres 11 tracks from his new compilation titled “The Last Slimeto” album, but it’s certainly not the last time you all will be hearing from him. No.

You may think of the moment as a bend in the river of the rapper’s experience. He.brings you something of him, but it’s not the end of his offering, contrary to what the title of the project might suggest.

“The Last Slimeto” album is a project of remarkably heft. With 30 tracks to play with, you’ll most likely find a number that resonates with you from the lot, whether you fancy the fiery vehemence of the rapper’s bars or not.

“The Last Slimeto” Album Songs / Tracks

NO Title Time
20 4KT Baby 2:17
21 The North Bleeding 3:27
22 Loner Life 2:13
23 Acclaimed Emotions 3:00
24 Wagwan 2:29
25 Ghost 2:15
26 Nightfall 2:23
27 Holy 1:57
28 I Got The Bag 2:18
29 Mr. Grim Reaper 2:52
30 I Hate YoungBoy 4:21

Known for not giving a fuck, YoungBoy Never Broke Again sticks a fat finger in the face of those opposed to him, his bars ringing like gunshots.

If you’re a fan of the rapper, then you should have no trouble following his raps and absorbing their energy. This compilation stands out on every count but still does not qualify as our favourite from his album assets so far. Maybe when he drops the final 19 then we can properly judge his performance on the album.

That notwithstanding, you should be able to add the album to your playlist without regrets. Actually, we encourage you to. According to the information on the album, it’ll be fully released on the 5th of August.

The Last Slimeto

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Track Count: 30
  • Never Broke Again, LLC / Atlantic Records, ℗ 2022 Atlantic Records Group LLC


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