Yung Joc Responds To T-Pain Calling His “Buy U A Drank” Story About Lil Flip “Cap”

Another lengthy VladTV interview has arrived, and Yung Joc has been dropping jewels this time. T-“Buy Pain’s U A Drank” became a viral sensation when the rapper said that the classic 2007 single was inspired by an unpleasant meeting. According to VladTV, Lil Flip swerved T-Pain, which inspired the song, according to the Love & Hip Hop star.

“Pain gon’ hate me for this, Pain was like, ‘Eh, put ‘er there,’” he said, imitating T-Pain’s attempt at a handshake. “‘Put ‘er there,’ like on some white boy sh*t. ‘Hey put ‘er there, chum,’ like, Flip wasn’t feeling none of that. Flip was like, ‘N*gga,’ and walked off. I was like, damn. That sh*t hurt Pain feelings a lot a bit. Not ‘a little bit,’ a lot a bit!”

The details depicted the auto-tune legend as a devotee who Flip couldn’t devote enough time to. T-Pain sneaked into the comment section when The Shade Room uploaded Joc’s interview with a “cap” emoji. Joc was alerted and responded.

“He is absolutely right, the title that The Shade Room put up there is cap. I never said T-Pain made ‘Buy U a Drank’ because of that situation. That’s not what I said. That’s what he’s sayin’ cap. The situation happened exactly the f*ck the way I said it happened. That’s on my mama. That’s exactly how the f*ck it happened,” reiterated Joc.

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