Yung Miami Says Rihanna Is ” Who She Aspires To Be Like”

Yung Miami aspires to be like Rihanna, but it appears that her financial sense is more important to her than her sense of style. Recently, the internet has unfairly criticized Yung Miami due to her aspirations to one day join the ranks of the music industry’s millionaires. In addition, she recently commented on how introducing Rihanna’s new haircare product embodies her goals for the scope and reach of her profession. The former City Girl shared on her Instagram Story,

“Who I aspire to be!!!! That bag and status are different!!”

Moreover, most individuals who ridiculed Yung Miami’s goals focused mostly on her purported complicity in the Diddy controversy. For the uninitiated, she was identified in a lawsuit as someone that Sean Combs reportedly employed as a “sex worker,” along with allegations of drug trafficking, abuse, assault, and other offences. Of course, most of these allegations—especially about the Florida MC—remain unproven and ambiguous in court. Even so, it’s undoubtedly a bad look for someone who aspires to become a successful businessman. Whatever the case, Yung Miami is excited about what this new and exciting chapter of her life will bring and what the rest of her career, brand partnerships, and business endeavours will bring. She disclosed to Complex the City Girls’ breakup with JT.

“I had to really get back in my bag,”

“People had just been talking to me crazy… So just going through s**t really motivated me to get in the studio and make music. I think when the City Girls album [RAW] just dropped, and it didn’t do too well, and we was just trying to do our press run. The whole rollout of the album was just so bad because we was just in two different spaces.

“We older now, and she [JT] was doing her own thing,”

“She on the West Coast, I’m in Miami. I’m doing my own thing. And I felt like naturally, when she doing her own thing, it just worked for her. And when I’m doing my own thing, it worked for me. But when we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting. It just wasn’t working no more.”

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