Zinoleesky Freestyles With Brothers On The Street, Invites Them To His Place

Zinoleesky, the talented Afrobeat Nigerian singer, recently brightened the day of two of his young fans whom he met on the street. The musician joined in as the two brothers freestyled some of their music and tried to impress him. The brothers then stated that Zino had invited them to his house by sliding into their chat, which prompted conversation on the internet.

Zinoleesky Freestyles With Brothers On The Street, Invites Them To His Place, Yours Truly, News, May 27, 2024

After joining two brothers who were freestyling on the street, famous Nigerian artist Zinoleesky recently became a social media trending topic. On social media, a video of the musician in his jeep with the two boys chasing after him to attract his attention went viral.

The singer then concentrated on the boys while listening to their songs. He even told the driver to play another beat so they could freestyle to it while he sang along with them.

Soon after the brothers met Zinoleesky, the musician entered one of their direct messages. The “Rocking” singer told the boys to visit him the following week and that he would provide an update on the plans. The delighted brother made sure to thank Zinoleesky for showing them affection.

The conversation was carried on social media by sources and has since received comments and praises from Cybernauts.

When the news of the situation involving Zinoleesky and the brothers was posted on social media, it sparked several responses from internet users. Many have continued to shower the artiste with praise as he shows Love to the up-and-coming boys. Netizens will look out for the result of this proposed meeting. After all, in portable’s words, “Who go help you, no go stress you.”

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