Zlatan Tells The Story Of How His Life Was Changed By Meeting Olamide And How That Led Him To Davido

Renowned Nigerian musician, Zlatan Ibile, talked about a turning point in his career and the lasting influence of meetings with Davido and Olamide, two influential peers.

During an interview, Zlatan Ibile revealed how his perseverance and resolve eventually resulted in possibilities that changed his life. Zlatan Ibile claims that his persistent attempts to establish contact with Olamide, a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry, marked the beginning of the adventure.

Zlatan disclosed that he pleaded sincerely for an opportunity to meet Olamide and show off his skills in several direct messages to Olamide. Zlatan’s persistence paid off when Olamide recognized his commitment, despite early difficulties. The YBNL CEO saw Zlatan’s efforts when he collaborated with renowned artist Oritse Femi using the money he won from winning a car at school.

Inspired by Zlatan’s drive and skill, Olamide offered his assistance by giving the budding musician a place to stay and by promoting his music. This was a crucial move that caused Zlatan’s career to take a dramatic turn. But the process of transformation didn’t stop there. Zlatan’s songs quickly drew the interest of Davido, another titan of the industry. Zlatan was thrilled to hear that Davido valued his efforts, and he sent a sincere note of appreciation.

To Zlatan’s surprise, Davido replied by extending an invitation to his home, which opened the door for their first song to be released together, “Osanle.”

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