Zlatan’s Bizarre Bottle Water Challenge Goes Viral

The famed bottle-flipping skills of Zlatan, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, have recently garnered media attention. Participants in the bottle flip challenge try to flip a plastic bottle from a flat surface onto its cap. Zlatan completed the test with minimal to no mistakes and displayed incredible agility and accuracy.

He most recently attracted notice online when he chose to demonstrate a higher degree of talent by performing a blindfold bottle flip. He uploaded a video of himself attempting the challenge at various areas within his home while holding two bottles of beverage. His determination, attention, and steady hands helped him accomplish an amazing feat, and many online users praised him for it.

It all began as a chance promotion for Zlatan’s new single, “Let There Be Light,” which he co-wrote with Seyi Vibez. For the promotional clip, Ibile collaborated with TV personality, model, and brand ambassador Enioluwa. In the video, the two stars came up with a clever way to promote the song by placing a delectable dish in front of them together with a water bottle containing some water.

So, whoever could successfully flip the quarter-full bottle of water and make it stand will get to eat from the dish. And no matter how many times they played, Zlatan just couldn’t quit winning, enjoying every bite of the grilled chicken.

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