Zoë Kravitz Admits Taylor Swift Was A “Very Important Part” Of Her Quarantine Pod

When discussing quarantining during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic with none other than Taylor Swift in a recent interview, Zoë Kravitz spilled the beans. As she and Joe Alwyn camped out together while she filmed Matt Reeves’ The Batman in the UK, the actress described the star as “my pod” in an interview with GQ.

“She was a very important part of being in London, just having a friend that I could see and that would make me home-cooked meals and dinner on my birthday.”

Swift expressed similar admiration for her friend in an email to the magazine, saying, “Zoë’s sense of self is what makes her such an exciting artist, and such an incredible friend. She has this very honest inner compass, and the result is art and life without compromising who she is.”

The two also worked together on music, with Kravitz contributing to the song’s lyrics and backing vocals on the opacity of the Midnights album’s opening track, “Lavender Haze.” On the additional track “Glitch” from Midnights [3am Edition] , the actress also sang backup vocals. Swift supported her pal who played Selina Kyle in The Batman when it was released by giving her a promo shoutout on IG.

Although it hasn’t yet been released, Kravitz has previously stated that in addition to her Midnights contribution, she also worked with Swift’s go-to producer Jack Antonoff to create her debut solo album, which she characterized as feeling “vulnerable” and “a little scary.”

Kravitz also revealed in the same interview that she is unsure whether the third season of her HBO series Big Little Lies will air.

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