Adams Oshiomhole

Adams Oshiomhole: Wife, House, Tribe, Cars, Political Party, Net Worth, Airline & Phone Number

Adams Oshiomhole Basic Information

Stage Name: Adams Oshiomhole
Real Name: Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole
Occupation: Politician
Date Of Birth/Age: 4 April 1952 (70) Years Old
Place of Birth: Iyamho, Auchi, Edo State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
  • Ruskin College, Oxford, England
  • National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies
Height: 1.7 m
Net Worth: $450M

Adams Oshiomhole Biography

Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, a politician from Nigeria and the former National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, was born on April 4, 1952. He has previously held the positions of the executive governor of Nigeria’s Edo State from 2008 to 2016 and President of the Nigeria Labour Congress from 1999 to 2007. However, on June 16, 2020, the Abuja Court of Appeal suspended him from his position as the APC National Chairman. He was raised as a Muslim but converted to Christianity by his late wife Clara, who died of cancer at 54. His Christian name is Eric, and he is a Catholic. After finishing his secondary education, he got a job at the Arewa Textiles Company, where he was elected union secretary. In 1975, he committed himself fully to organizing labor unions.

Adams Oshiomhole made the decision that he needed to pursue his education. In 1975, he traveled to Oxford, England’s Ruskin College, to study industrial relations with a focus on labor economics. In addition, he attended the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Nigeria’s Plateau state in 1989, earning him membership in the National Institute (MNI).

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Except for his mother, Aishetu Oshiomhole, little is known about Oshiomhole’s parents. In Edo, Hajiya Aishetu Oshiomhole is one of the most formidable women. She is one of the most admired women and lives in Auchi, Edo State. Despite being the mother of a popular politician, it was claimed that she declined the present from the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, who had a strained relationship with the former starter governor, Adams Oshiomhole. Nevertheless, she and her son have been spotted at numerous events and ceremonies. According to news sources, she is a strong mom who has shown her kid a lot of support.

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Only two of the five children Clara Oshiomhole and Adams had before she passed are known to the general public. However, Dr. Cyril Oshiomhole, Oshiomhole’s first son, has unmistakably adopted his father’s political stance. As co-founder of the Clara Oshiomhole foundation and a physician, Dr. Cyril Oshiomhole is also an environmentalist. In addition to his environmental health master’s degree, he has a background in toxicology, terrorism, and disaster management. At Harvard University, he completed his Masters in Postgraduate Studies in Clinical Research.

Previously, he ran for a governmental position in Nigeria’s Edo State. Then, with the APC flag flying, Dr. Cyril ran for the position of Member of the House of Representatives on behalf of the Etsaka Federal Constituency. However, after giving in to pressure, the young politician who was running for the seat in the APC gave it to another candidate.

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The daughter of Adams Oshiomhole is Jane Oshiomhole. In Abuja’s Maitama neighborhood, inside the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, she wed Achimugu Ahmodu Aduku, her husband. But, besides that, nothing more is known about her.

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The former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, is married to Lara Fortes Oshiomhole. They married after his first wife died from cancer on May 15, 2015. A few of Nigeria’s most prominent figures, including President Muhammadu Buhari and his running mate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, attended the wedding of the ex-governor Oshiomhole, who is nearly 30 years her senior. Together, they have a child, according to reports. A Cape Verdean father and a Nigerian mother gave birth to Lara. She worked as a model, a lawyer, and an employee of Emirate Airlines personnel in the past.

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Net Worth

One of Nigeria’s wealthiest politicians is Adams Oshiomhole. His estimated net worth has been pegged at $450 million. He has long been successful by holding various political positions from where he made his fortune.


He reportedly owns a Jeep Wrangler SUV valued at about 11.5 million naira. Along with a Ford Ranger, he also drives a Toyota Land Cruiser valued at roughly 33.2 million naira. In addition, Adams Oshiomhole drives a Nissan Pathfinder, which he was seen driving during the 2007 gubernatorial elections.


His Paradise Mansion said to be worth 10 billion naira, is one of his landed estates.

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Oshiomhole is from the Afenmai tribe in Edo State, Nigeria. The Afemai people, sometimes written “Afenmai,” are an ethnic group residing in Edo State’s northern region in Nigeria’s South-South geopolitical zone. People from Afemai live in six local government areas in Edo.

Political Party

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Adams Oshiomhole belongs to the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC). One of Nigeria’s two main modern political parties, along with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is the All Progressives Congress (APC). The party, created on February 6, 2013, by joining the three biggest opposition parties in Nigeria, came to power after its presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 election.


Oshiomhole established a Cape Verdian airline, the biggest airline in Cape Verde, with 11 commuter planes. There are rumors that a South-South Governor in Nigeria, who has close relations with Cape Verde, owns the property. But the name of the aircraft is FORTEADAMS LUXURY FLIGHT, derived from the name of the Edo state governor and his Cape Verdean wife’s maiden name Fortes, which means Oshiomhole might be the person described above.

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Phone Number

Adams Oshiomhole’s phone number is nowhere on the internet. But, of course, you don’t expect a public figure of that magnitude to leave his phone number floating around the internet.

Popular Questions

Is Adams Oshiomhole's mother still alive?

No, Hajiya Aishetu Oshiomhole is now late.

Has Adams Oshiomole's wife left him?

Unconfirmed reports claim that the beautiful wife Of Edo state governor, Lara Fortes Oshimhole, has filed for divorce, but she insisted that her marriage to Oshiomhole was intact and thus had no reason to leave him.

How old is Adams Oshiomhole?

Born in 1952, Adams is 70.

How old is Adams Oshiomhole's wife?

Lara was born in 1982, making her 39 years.

Is Adams Oshiomhole dead?

Not at all. The man is still alive and kicking.

Where is Adams Oshiomhole's wife from?

She’s biracial, born to a Cape Verdean father and a Nigerian mother. So, she’s technically from Cape Verde.

Is Adams Oshiomhole still married?

He still is.

Who is Adams Oshiomhole's mother?

Hajiya Aishetu Oshiomhole, a respectable woman of Edo, is Adams’ mother.

Where is Adams Oshiomhole from?

Oshiomhole hails from Edo State, Nigeria.

Adams Oshiomhole is from which local government?

He is from Iyamho, Auchi, Edo State. Iyamho is a small town in the Etsako West local government area of Edo State.

Was Adams Oshiomhole, a tailor?

After his secondary education, he obtained a job with the Arewa Textiles Company. The nature of his job with the company remains unstated.

Was Adams Oshiomhole in the Labour Party?

It’s not clear if he was a member of the LP at any point in his career. He had only previously served as the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress.

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