Angel Agnes Smith

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Angel Agnes Smith Basic Information

Stage Name: Angel Smith
Real Name: Angel Agnes “John-Bavariash” Smith
Occupation: Writer, Social Media Personality, Poet, Brand Influencer and Reality TV Star
Date Of Birth/Age: 13 February 2000 (23 Years Old)
Place of Birth: London
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
  • Marywood Girls College, Lagos
  • University of Lagos
  • British Lighthouse Foundation College
Height: 5Ft 6In
Net Worth: $100K

Angel Agnes Smith Biography

Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

On February 13, 2000, Angel Agnes “John-Bavariash” Smith was born to parents who lived in London. She is a native of the Efik tribe in southern Nigeria in Akwa Ibom. Angel attended the Lagos-based Marywood Girls College. According to Angel, one must receive a score of 96 to receive an “A” at Marywood Girls College in Lagos; she was exposed to an exceptionally high standard of education there.

Lagos State was where she lived for most of her childhood and adolescence. After she completed her secondary education at the private Marywood Girls’ College in Lagos, she was accepted to the University of Lagos. Still, she left the school after just two weeks. She missed all of the first two weeks’ lectures. She disclosed that she left school without getting permission from her parents. Later, her mother enrolled in the mass communication program at British Lighthouse Foundation College, but she once more dropped out and ended her education. Angel’s journey has been quite the one. She was under pressure from her parents, particularly her mother, who had high expectations. Her academic performance was impacted by the additional pressure she was under from the school. Angel eventually never finished her university education.



Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

The year 2000 saw Angel’s birth, and her parents mostly lived in London then. Her mother, Titilala Brownsugar, is half-Nigerian and half-Ghanaian, and her father, Baron Meyagy, manages entertainment events. Her parents are not currently wed.


There’s no information about her siblings -or if she has any.


Angel doesn’t have a child yet


Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

Angel is a gifted poet, writer, and TV personality. Since she began writing when she was fourteen, her love for the craft has expanded. By taking on different freelance writing projects, she enhanced her writing abilities. In addition, she penned several books for herself that she shared on her Instagram page. Many people liked, commented on, and offered encouragement on the post.

Since she was a teenager, the reality star has battled depression. She ascribes this to the excessive pressure and exceptionally high expectations she experienced as a child from her parents and her school. She disclosed that she began self-harming at 14 and has experienced periods of depression. The twenty-one-year-old has also made a suicide attempt.

Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

Angel aspires to develop her writing skills. She thinks BBNaija will provide her the platform to realize her dreams of becoming a movie producer and screenwriter. Angel’s love of storytelling has also led her to pursue a career in screenwriting and film production. The reality TV celebrity took freelance jobs to help her develop her ideas to further her creative writing career. She consequently got writing jobs, which is how she makes her living.

The writer’s work has appeared in multiple books and online poetry collections. She has a large following of readers who respond to and leave comments on her poetry, short stories, and other works of creative writing posted on various websites and social media platforms. Angel uses the Instagram page frequently. With more than 830,000 followers, her handle is @theangeljbsmith.


Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

Angel was in a relationship before moving into the Big Brother Naija house in 2019. Then, she tragically lost her boyfriend, ending their serious relationship. As she puts it, she is now in the BBN house and is “single and ready to mingle.” But she also stated that she needs time to heal from losing her cherished boyfriend before preparing for committed relationships. Nonetheless, Angel revealed that she was seeing a man on the June 2022 episode of BBNaija Reunion, even though she didn’t give specifics.

Net Worth

She doesn’t fully reveal her financial situation to the public, so it might be challenging to ascertain this. However, estimates suggest that Angel’s wealth exceeds $100,000.


Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

With the purchase of a brand-new Range Rover, Angel Smith, the former Naija “Shine Ya Eye” housemate, has achieved two of her goals- a house and a car. Using her Instagram page to post pictures of the new vehicle, Angel expressed her gratitude for 2021, saying it has given her so much and that she is a “real hot girl.”


Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

Angel has not yet disclosed whether or not she owns a personal residence. That being said, it is known that she lives in Lagos.


Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

On day two of the sixth season of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), dubbed “Shine Your Eye,” Angel was the first female housemate to enter the house. The organizers had introduced the twist of a double launch weekend, and on the second day, Angel and the other female contestants entered the house.

Because of what she wore to the show’s premiere, Angel created a stir, went viral on social media, and became a national sensation on the day she entered the house. She attracted attention from the audience by wearing a dress that showed off her sagging breasts. She also disclosed that she had three piercings and about 11 tattoos during her dramatic stage entrance. She asserted that people misinterpret her distinctive fashion sense, leading to negative perceptions of her.

She went inside the house and started joking around with the other contestants. But she also developed a reputation for being able to spot deceit and disapproved of it greatly. Furthermore, even though the show centres on a small group of young people participating in a “social experiment,” Angel insists that her housemates respect her personal space and that anyone who did so would face her wrath. Her male housemates found her attractive due to her exceptional beauty and fun personality. Sammie was first on the list because he tried to court her during the show’s first few weeks. She and Sammie were close friends, but she eventually let him go because of his persistent asking.

Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

Yousef was the next male housemate to express interest in her in the middle of the show. But unlike Sammie, Yousef gently expressed his feelings for her instead of pursuing her aggressively. He tried to woo her for roughly two weeks but was unsuccessful and eventually lost the house. Cross was the next male housemate who caught Angel’s attention. This one was arguably the most important of all her affairs in the house. They had a symbiotic relationship because they were connected and liked who they were. In fact, during the first few weeks of the show, Cross seemed to have feelings for her, but he withdrew when Sammie tried to make room for himself.

That being said, Cross and Angel started getting along in the middle of the show. Even though they didn’t go under the sheet to conduct business, they spent much time in each other’s spaces and were virtually close. They engaged in serious discussions about everything and anything, including life outside the house and the house itself. However, she maintained her distance from him as the show ended, explaining that she did so to prevent herself from becoming attached to him.

Angel Agnes Smith, Yours Truly, People, September 26, 2023

Angel was erratic throughout her time in the house and frequently argued with other residents for various reasons. Her most significant disputes included run-ins with Boma and Sammie. Like Pere, Angel qualified for the show’s finale by making it through a challenging and terrifying eviction show during the last elimination week. The poet was put in a difficult situation because, although unaware, she received the fewest votes during the final elimination week and needed to finish the prototype construction task given to her by Big Brother to advance to the final.

Luckily, she finished the task ahead of Pere, much to Biggie’s surprise and the viewers’. She completed the task ahead of Pere, who received more votes than she did, so for the first time, the organizers had to consider admitting six contestants, including her, for the show’s finale. The writer finished the show as the fourth runner-up, or fifth place, and remained in the house until the end. She didn’t win the grand prize, but she did win tasks in the house—some of which came with cash prizes—individually and collectively. She is a housemate in the BBNaija Franchise All-Stars season right now, and she has caused some drama in the house thus far as the other housemates vie for the N120 million grand prize.

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