Bella Okagbue Biography: Age, Net Worth, Siblings, Family, BBN, Boyfriend, House, Cars, State Of Origin

Bella Okagbue Basic Information

Stage Name: Bella Okagbue
Real Name: Chidinma Esther Okagbue
Occupation: Reality TV star, 2nd Runner up BBNaija S7
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status:  Single
Education: University of Lagos
Height: 1.7 m
Net Worth: $30K

Bella Okagbue Biography

Chidinma Esther Okagbue, long famous as Bella Okagbue, is a Nigerian content creator, reality TV star, and second runner-up in the seventh season of the Big Brother Naija reality show.

Encouraged by her siblings’ success in the entertainment universe, Bella Okagbue, the youngest of the Okabgue children, decided to follow the same path. Accordingly, she started her modeling career as an undergraduate and began her modeling career in Lagos.

She appeared in commercials and music videos, slowly building her social capital. However, it wasn’t until she auditioned for the Big Brother Naija reality show that she gained national prominence.

“You will never feel beautiful until you have self-love.”

That’s her mantra and something she has continued to live by.


Bella Okagbue was born in 1992, which makes her 25 years at the time of writing. She celebrated her birthday in May.


Bella Okagbue came from a prominent royal family in Onitsha, one of southeast Nigeria’s most important trading cities.


Bella Okagbue has equally famous siblings, so it isn’t surprising that she should also delve into the world of a reality show.


Her sister is Sandra Okagbue, an actress, model, and baby mama to the Nigerian singer Flavour.


Her brother is Chris Okagbue, a Nollywood actor.



Her father was no other than H.R.H Obi Ofala Okechukwu Okagbue (now late), who ruled the Onitsha kingdom for 31 years – reportedly the longest-reigning monarch in the kingdom.


Her mother is Ogechukwu Clara Okagbue.

Life Style

Coming from a royal family like hers, Bella became accustomed to the ‘soft’ life early on. The reality TV star advised people to treat themselves to a lavish lifestyle occasionally. The brand entrepreneur emphasized that going through hardship is not something to be proud of and that people shouldn’t utilize it to get attention for leading frugal lives. As a daily motivational quotation on social media, Bella offered advice to persuade others to stop praising poverty.

-Net Worth

Bella Okagbue is more of a newbie on the scene, so her net worth is still a matter of speculation and conjecture. At any rate, at the time of writing, she is said to have a net worth of about $30k. Given her ambitious personality, that will likely change for the better soon.


She lives in a large apartment inside a gated neighborhood in Lekki, Lagos. But, unfortunately, the reality starlet has failed to give us a peek into her expensive real estate property.


Bella has taken several photos near high-end vehicles, which may or may not be hers, seeing as none of her rides are known to the public.


given how popular Bella has become following her time in the Big Brother Naija house, there is a keen interest in who her boyfriend might be. At the time of this writing, though, she reportedly has no boyfriend. So if you have designs on her, you may as well shoot your shots.

She and Sheggz had a thing in the Big Brother House, though. But then this is a reality show, where almost anything goes, as the housemates plot their way and play every game in the book to earn votes and win the ultimate .prize

State Of Origin

Bella is from Onitsha town in Anambra state. So that makes her an Igbo lady.

BBN (Big Brother Nigeria)

It is the dream of many to make it to the Big Brother Naija house. The platform is more like a pedestal to launch every other dream they have. It gives them visibility and fame. Bella Okagbue had that dream and was lucky to have been selected for the show’s seventh season.

The level one housemate would later confess that her mother wasn’t comfortable with her coming on the show. She was distraught when her daughter was blindfolded and driven to an unknown location. But, with the seventh season of the show over and Bella out as the second runner-up, all is calm in the family.

Social Media

Bella Okagbue is a public figure, a reality TV star, and understandably active on social media. Also, as she is familiar with public figures, there are clones of her accounts on social media.

She joined Twitter in 2010 and currently has over 62k followers. Her Twitter account (@bella_okagbue) isn’t verified, though.

She is more active on her Instagram page (@bellaokagbue), with over 451k followers, and posts daily about her life and adventures. The account is verified.

What did Bella Okagbue study in university?

Bella is a graduate of the department of political science. She studied at the University of Lagos, popularly known as UNILAG.

How many siblings does Bella Okagbue have?

Two brothers and three sisters make up Bella Okagbue’s sibling group.

Is Bella Okagbue related to Chris Okagbue?

Yes, her brother is Chris Okagbue, a Nollywood actor.

Is Bella Okagbue a princess?

She is the daughter of the late Obi Afala Okechukwu, a former ruler of the Onitsha kingdom. So that pretty much makes her a princess.

Is Bella Okagbue from a royal family?

Yes, she is from a royal family in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Is Bella Okagbue related to Sandra Okagbue?

Yes, her sister is Sandra Okagbue, an actress, model, and baby mama to the Nigerian singer Flavour.

Is Bella Okagbue related to Flavour?

No, she isn’t, but her sister was romantically linked with the musician and had a baby with him.

Who is Bella Okagbue's father?

Her father was H.R.H. Obi Ofala Okechukwu Okagbue (now deceased), and he presided over the Onitsha kingdom for 31 years, according to reports.

Who is Bella okagbue brother?

Bella’s brother is Chris Okagbue, a Nollywood star actor, model, and winner of the eighth season of the Gulder Ultimate Search in 2011.

Where is Bella Okagbue from?

The reality star is from the Okagbue royal family in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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