Bolanle Ninalowo

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Bolanle Ninalowo Basic Information

Stage Name:Nino B
Real Name:Bolanle Ninalowo
Date Of Birth/Age:7 May 1980 (43) Years Old
Place of Birth:Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria
Marital Status:Married
Education:DeVry University, New York

Keller Graduate School of Management, USA

Height:1.72 m
Net Worth:$500K

Bolanle Ninalowo Biography

Bolanle Ninalowo, also known as Nino, is a Nigerian actor and producer. He was born on May 7, 1980. Before migrating to the United States of America, Bolanle spent 15 years in Nigeria, where he completed his primary and secondary schooling. First, he earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting from DeVry University, New York. Then, he continued to Keller Graduate School of Management in the USA to complete his Master’s in Marketing.

Ninalowo first worked as an accountant in a bank in the United States of America before attempting in the Nigerian film industry. After moving back to Nigeria, he then worked for Guaranty Trust Bank. Producing movies was Ninalowo’s first foray into the Nigerian film business known as Nollywood. Rebirth was the title of the first film he made.

Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023



Alhaji Jamiu Ninalowo and Alhaja Rualate Ninalowo are the actor’s parents. He was born to devoted Muslims who had been practicing their religion for a long time. Nino was born Azeez, but after having a negative experience, he decided to convert from Islam to Christianity. Due to his parents’ time and dedication to their jobs, he was raised in the middle class and had a decent lifestyle.


He comes from a big family of ten people. In a family of eight, he is the second kid.


Hassan Ninalowo is the only sibling of his that is known.


Bolanle Ninalowo is the father of two children, a boy, and a girl. Aliyah Ninalowo and Morakinyo Ninalowo are their names.


Aliyah Ninalowo is the Nollywood actor’s first daughter and firstborn child. She was born on March 7, 2006.

Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


Morakinyo Ninalowo is Nino’s only son and his second child. He was born on July 2, 2008.

Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


Bunmi Ninolowo is Nino’s wife. Unfortunately, after being married for 12 years, the couple separated. Recently, the actor shared beautiful photographs of his family, indicating they are back together. They had been apart for two years. They are now back together, and both have stated that they are determined to make their marriage work. Once they reconciled, Nino acknowledged in an interview with that his father’s counsel before they married was influential in the success of his marriage so far.

Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


Net Worth

Bolanle Ninalowo is reported to be worth $500,000. His fortune was accumulated through acting, endorsement deals, and his businesses as an entrepreneur. He owns a perfume company. In addition, Nino is a brand ambassador for brands such as DNJ Properties/Investment Ltd, Baileys, Jagaban Distillers, Adron Home, and many more.


Bolanle has an outstanding automobile collection, which we’ve seen on his social media pages. According to reports, he has a Mercedes-Benz E360, a Mercedes-Benz CLS550, a Range Rover, and a Toyota Highlander. In addition, as part of his efforts to promote the brand online, he received a Lexus SUV from Adron Homes in December of last year.

Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


Bolanle has been able to acquire a number of homes since he first started working in Nollywood. In 2016, the actor erected his own home. The actor acquired a property in Lagos and surprised his lovely wife in March 2020. When breaking the news on his Instagram page, he stated the house was his gift to his wife, Bunmi Ninalowo. Bolanle bought a home in Ibadan, Oyo State, in March 2021.

Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023Bolanle Ninalowo, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


Nino has starred in many Nigerian films that, include: Ordinary People, What’s Within, Road to Yesterday, Miscellaneous, Shoot to Kill, Wife For Rent, Atlas, Tiwa’s Baggage, A Fire in the Rain, Last Affair, Body of Evidence, Ratnik, Coming From Insanity, Night Bus to Lagos, Breaded Life, Divorce Not Allowed, Bipolar (Amodi), The Other Wife and a lot more.

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