Bovi Ugboma

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Bovi Ugboma Basic Information

Stage Name: Bovi
Real Name: Abovi Ugboma
Occupation: Stand-up Comedian, Producer, Actor, and Writer.
Date Of Birth/Age: 25 September 1979 (43 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Benin City, Edo State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
  • UNIBEN staff school
  • Government College, Ughelli
  • Edokpolor grammar school, Benin
  • Boys’ model secondary school, Onicha Olona
  • Delta State University
Height: 5Ft 8In
Net Worth: $4 Million

Bovi Ugboma Biography

Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

On 25 September 1979, Bovi Ugboma was born in Benin City, the Edo State’s capital. He received his primary education at UNIBEN staff school. Bovi enrolled in Delta State’s Government College, Ughelli, in 1991. He was relocated to Edokpolor Grammar School in Benin City, where the family lived after being removed from his boarding school for issues with behavior and parental concerns over his growth as a young man. That relocation was unsuccessful, so he transferred to Boys’ Model Secondary institution, Onicha Olona, an all-boarding institution, which was his third secondary school. Bovi was admitted to Delta State University in 1998 after completing his secondary education, where he studied Theatre Arts. At the National Television Authority (NTA), Lokoja, He completed his one-year obligatory national youth service.

Bovi has succeeded in the industry because of his hilarious jokes and stand-up performances in shows like his “Man on Fire,” one of Nigeria’s most popular comedy shows internationally.



Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

Although Bovi’s parents, Chief Eddie, and Margaret Ugbomah, were regarded as civil servants until they resigned from active service, little is known about them as Bovi doesn’t divulge too much to the media. However, they are said to hail from the Aboh headquarters of Ndokwa East Local Government of Delta State. His mother is late now.


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

Since the comedian-turned-actor Bovi doesn’t divulge too much or too little information, the media cannot determine the number of siblings he has. However, he reportedly has a younger sister named Jiji, a brother named Albert, and another named Zino.

Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

The comedian Bovi’s youngest sister is Jiji Ugboma. She is a writer and the creator of Clever-ish Magazine, an online magazine aimed at guiding young adults through quarter-life crises and mental health issues. Her articles have also been featured in a number of other publications, including Variety, CNBC, Eater, and The Infatuation. Her home base is New York. Zino Ugboma is said to be a Lawyer.


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

Bovi has Three Children -Elena, David, and Chuchu


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

Christabel “Kris” Oghene Asimonye Ugboma, the love of his life, and Bovi are happily married and have three children. His wife underwent surgery in early January 2022 due to an ectopic pregnancy incident that split one of her fallopian tubes. On 19 September 2022, the two celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. Bovi thanked his wife for taming him and for carrying his children for a total of 27 months.


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

To pitch his script to Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), one of the top actors in Africa, Bovi relocated to Lagos in 2004. He ultimately became RMD’s assistant. Bovi spent two years working for RMD before pursuing comedy in 2007.

He made his acting debut in 2007’s “Extended Family,” a sitcom he wrote himself. His sitcom was top-rated then and quickly rose to the top of the TV ratings in Nigeria.
The Bovi Ugboma Show (TBUS) is another sitcom produced by Bovi. A fine sitcom it was. As he became more in demand to appear on comedy programs in 2008, Bovi gained notoriety. In addition to Opa Williams’ “Night of a Thousand Laughs,” where he first received his big break, Basketmouth’s “Uncensored,” and Julius Agu’s “Lord of the Ribs,” he has also had the chance to participate in other well-known stand-up comedy programs and shows.

Bovi launched his solo stand-up comedy performance in 2013 titled “Man on Fire.” The public embraced the show enthusiastically when it premiered in Lagos. “It’s Her Day,” his debut movie, had its premiere in 2016. As evidenced by its numerous accolades and nominations, the film had great success throughout the nation.

Bovi received his third individual nomination since the AMVCA’s establishment and the fourth nomination for one of his productions in 2017 when he was nominated for best actor in a comedy. Despite receiving little mainstream press, the film enjoyed a good run in theaters and made N55 million at the box office.

For a fact, Throughout his career, Bovi has received numerous honors and nominations, including Comedian of the Year from the Culture People, Comedian of the Year nomination from the Ghana Awards, Best Youth Comedian from the Stand-up Comedians Award, Best Writer and Actor in a Comedy at the AMVCA, Net Honours as the Most Popular Comedian of 2021, and Best Television Series nomination from the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) of 2023.

Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

Bovi has had his run in the media for controversial news as he asserted in April 2022 that he had been denied entry to the United States due to an altercation with a visa official. He said this in response to a fan’s request for him to perform and travel to Massachusetts via Instagram. He responded to the fan, saying, “I’m prohibited in the USA. Bovi claimed he was denied entry to the US due to a fight with a visa officer during which he was tagged.

The comedian was wrongly charged with theft at a London hotel in 2022. On his Instagram feed, he posted about his encounter. He claims he was requested to provide the credit card he used to make the hotel reservation. The officials were alarmed when he claimed that his wife had assisted in making the hotel reservations in Nigeria. However, he requested that they Google him while questioning him.

Bovi co-hosted the Headies Awards in 2021 with Nancy Isime after being one of the vocal celebrities who denounced and condemned police violence in 2020. He donned contentious clothing that featured the bloodstained Nigerian flag’s colors as a reminder of the revolting events of the ENDSARS movement in October 2020.

There is no doubt that One of the most popular comedians in Nigeria right now is Bovi. Bovi’s most recent comedy special, “Bovi- Naughty By Nature,” was presented in Lagos in July 2022 and sold out two days in advance. The production company he currently oversees is named “Kountry Kulture Networks.”

Unquestionably one of Nigeria’s most well-known and highest-paid comedians, Bovi is one of the country’s most prominent names in comedy. Additionally, he has secured endorsement partnerships with several well-known Nigerian companies, including Blue Gate, Vitafoam, Diamond Bank, and Glo.

Net Worth

Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

The Superstar comedian Bovi is worth an estimated $4 Million.


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

A number of exotic vehicles are part of the comedian’s fleet, which he proudly owns. The Toyota Prado, Hyundai Sonata, Ford Unlimited, Lexus, Mercedes Benz G-Class, and Range Rover are among them.


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

In Victoria Island, Lagos State’s Banana Island, Bovi owns a one-story duplex. On his Instagram, Bovi frequently posts pictures of different areas of the property. It is also rumored that the billionaire has additional properties in and around Nigeria and the diaspora.


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

With fame already assured, In 2018, Bovi launched a web series on his YouTube channel called “BACK TO SCHOOL,” in which he and other prominent Nigerian comedians recreate the life of an adult Nigerian student attending secondary school. It was a sitcom that won accolades. The Bovi Ugboma Show (TBUS), a different sitcom, was also produced by Bovi. Banana Republic and Visa On Arrival are two of his other web shows.

A veteran of the game, Bovi debuted his “Man on Fire,” -a themed one-person stand-up comedy show in 2013. Ja Rule and Ashanti, two other world-famous performers, appeared in Bovi: Man on Fire 2014. Lagos’s population embraced the show wildly when it premiered there. Since its beginning in 2014, and despite a three-year hiatus, the yearly show has occurred four times and has been hosted in several places, including Toronto, Kyiv, London, and New York.

“Bovi- Naughty By Nature,” Bovi’s most recent comedy special, premiered in Lagos in July 2022 and sold out two days in advance.


Bovi Ugboma, Yours Truly, People, May 29, 2023

Bovi has also appeared in the films Standing Alone, 4-1-Love, Indecent Girl; It’s Her Day, The Perfect Arrangement, Nneka The Pretty Serpent, and My Village People.

On 9 September 2016, Bovi’s first film, “It’s Her Day,” premiered at the Nigerian box office, bringing in N55 million. He was the lead actor in the love story “4-1-Love” in 2016. His second movie, “My Village People,” also had him write, co-produce, and act. The film later joined the 17 Nigerian productions that have made N100 million at the local box office.

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