Damson Idris

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Damson Idris Basic Information

Stage Name: Damson Idris
Real Name: Adamson Alade Bo-Idris
Occupation: Actor and Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 2 September 1991(31) Years Old
Place of Birth: Peckham, South-East London
Gender: Male
Nationality:  British-Nigerian
Marital Status: In a Relationship
  • Brunel University, London
  • Identity School of Acting, London
Height: 6 Ft 1In
Net Worth: $10 Million

Damson Idris Biography

Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

Idris is of Yoruba Nigerian heritage and was born to Nigerian parents in Peckham, South-East London. He is the youngest of six children. He was a football player who aspired to succeed with a career until a knee injury ruined the dream and channeled him towards acting instead. He also participated in rugby, and in 2002, when his side participated in Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee, he shook her hand.

Three brothers and two sisters -Idris’s older siblings, have all pursued corporate jobs in law, commerce, and IT. He chose to study drama at Brunel University in London in the end. He graduated with a BA with honors in theater, film, and television studies. At the Identity School of Acting in London, he continued his acting education next to actors like John Boyega, Letitia Wright, and Malachi Kirby.


The British Actor and producer Damson Idris is the youngest of six children and was born in 1991 to Nigerian parents in Peckham, South East London. Although his parents immigrated to the UK in quest of a better life, he was raised by his single mother, who instilled in him a desire to succeed and a commitment to hard work at a young age.


He rarely talks about his dad, which may be because his father was absent during his childhood, but his mother, who single-handedly raised him, is known to the media as Phillipa Idris. She is said to be from Oyo State. She worked at Basil Street Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, to make ends meet for her family as she instilled the fear of God in her children. No wonder he refers to her as his “Ultimate Hero.”


He has Five Siblings. The older siblings of Idris—three brothers and two sisters—have all followed careers in business, law, and information technology. That much is known about them. Unfortunately, other information about them isn’t privy to the media.


Damson has no kids at the moment, as there hasn’t been any such announcement from him or his girlfriend(s).


Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

Idris first met Cathy Tyson at Brunel, who then urged him to contact Ade Solanke and submit an application for a role in her play Pandora’s Box. He was given the part, joined an agency, and started appearing in other sets. He received additional training at the Femi Oguns-founded Identity School of Acting. Idris decided to pursue opportunities in television and movies after acting at the Royal National Theatre in London. He appeared in several British television shows, such as Miranda (2013), Doctors, and Casualty (2015).

Franklin Saint, a driven 19-year-old heroin dealer in Los Angeles, is Idris’s standout character in John Singleton’s FX crime drama Snowfall, which debuted in July 2017. The first season of Snowfall weaves together the experiences of numerous characters whose lives would soon clash due to narcotics. The show is set in 1983, as the United States is on the edge of the crack cocaine pandemic. Idris gave a video audition in London before taking a flight to Los Angeles, where he spent the day working with Singleton to demonstrate his command of the accent. He studied with the rapper WC to hone his American accent, and WC also taught him the mannerisms unique to South Central Los Angeles.

Moreover, Idris garnered positive reviews. Idris won plaudits for his performance; TV Guide’s Malcolm Venable called him “nothing short of mesmerizing” for the part. The second season of Snowfall, set in 1984, debuted in July 2018. He played Hakim in City of Tiny Lights in 2016 and Michael Forman in Megan Leavey in 2017. He portrayed Agent Denys in the critically acclaimed, action-packed 2018, The Commuter Agent. In 2018, he also played the roles of Enitan in Farming and Jordan in Astral. Finally, Idris portrayed Lt. Thomas Harp in the 2021 movie Outside the Wire.

Idris is an avid supporter of Manchester United FC. Denzel Washington, an American actor, is cited as his hero. He spoke to Interview magazine in 2017 as he implied that “Denzel is amazing. I didn’t realize I was interested in acting, but after it found me, I started looking at the people others thought were outstanding. I considered the kind of person I hoped to become. Not just in their performances but also in their daily lives. He was the one who helped me achieve my goal of being a well-rounded individual who set a beautiful example of good taste, prestige, and class.”

On Instagram, he has 1.2 million followers. On the other hand, his verified Twitter account has 1.3 million followers. He has an official YouTube account with 2.05 million subscribers. He releases his official films and videos here as more than 3 million people follow him on Facebook.


Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

Idris and Lori Harvey are currently dating, as seen by the lovely images he shared on 13 January 2023, via his Instagram story. But he has been rumored to have previous entanglements with Montana Brown in 2020, Saweetie and DreamDoll in 2021, and Christiana Santini in 2022.

Net Worth

Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

He is estimated to be worth around $10 Million.


Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

Idris owns several choice automobiles, including a Mercedes G63 AMG and S Class, a Porshe Taycan for $150,000, An Audi RS7, a Bentley Flying Spur worth $198,725, and a Maserati Levante Trofeo with a $153,100 price tag.


Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

Damson Idris, a young 31-year-old British actor on the rise, may not yet be a household name in Hollywood. Still, he has amassed enough wealth in his comparatively short career to spend $3.85 million on a newly renovated home in a posh neighborhood that winds through the foothills above L.A.’s well-known Studio City. According to reports, the two-story house, built in 1964 with five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, has recently undergone significant renovations.

Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

In marketing advertisements, it is kindly referred to as a “beautiful Montecito modern property.” It has modern home automation technology, pale European oak flooring, and designer finishes. The lighting, sound, and security systems are all controlled by this system. The slightly more than 4,700-square-foot open floor plan has a center hall entry, formal living and dining rooms, and a pricey eat-in kitchen connected by a sizable butler’s pantry. Snow-white Shaker-style cabinetry, gold-toned fixtures, and counters made of marble (or marble-like material) with strong black and white veining complete the kitchen’s decor.

Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

The next family room has a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that can be pulled up to reveal the garden. The main bedroom features a relaxing view of the mountain peaks through the trees, a fitted walk-in closet, and a roomy spa-style bathroom. While the other guests’ rooms share a large Jack-and-Jill bathroom, just two of the guest rooms have private bathrooms. Finally, the modestly sized but enviably private backyard has plenty of concrete terracing, a built-in grill, benches, an area of evergreen Astroturf, and a trapezoidal plunge pool and spa that have been shaped for practically maintenance-free upkeep. Douglas Elliman’s Tom Scrocco and Sean Christian listed the home; Juliet Quintin-Archard represented Idris in the transaction.


He is British-Nigerian, and he has never been shy of his ancestral Yoruba roots,

Movies & TV Shows


Damson Idris, Yours Truly, People, March 22, 2023

Idris made his big screen debut in 2016’s Riz Ahmed-led British thriller City of Small Light. In the movie, private investigator looks into the disappearance of Russian prostitute. With Kate Mara, who portrays the film’s titular character in the eponymous war drama, he made his American film debut in Megan Leavey in 2017. Idris acted in Farming with Kate Beckinsale and as an FBI agent in Liam Neeson’s 2018 movie The Commuter. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, a Nigerian-British actor who directed the movie, wrote the semi-autobiographical screenplay for “Farming.” Idris portrays the persona modeled after Akinnuoye-Agbaje, a Nigerian who, like many others in the late 20th century, was “farmed out” to a white family in the UK in the hopes of a better life. At the same time, Beckinsale plays his strict foster mother.

After firmly establishing his acting prowess, Idris continued looking into TV parts that addressed contemporary society’s issues. He portrays Dorian Harrison in the “Replay” episode of Producer/Director Jordan Peele’s revival of The Twilight Zone (2019) series. This college student has a racial incident with a police officer whose mother repeatedly tries to save his life by turning back time. In addition, Idris portrays Jaden, an intern at a significant social media firm called “Smithereen,” in the Black Mirror (2011) episode “Smithereens,” in which we see the effects of excessive social media use and how they might cause society to become disengaged from the real world.

For his outstanding talents and role depiction, At the 12th Screen Nation Film and Television Awards in London in May 2017, Idris won the “Emerging Talent Award.” In addition, Idris consistently demonstrates his versatility as an actor. The Edinburgh Film Festival honored him with the Michael Powell Award for Best Actor in a British Film for this performance in Farming.

Popular Questions

Are Damson Idris and idris elba related?

No, They are not. The similarities in their name are responsible for such assumptions as they are just Industry Colleagues and nothing more.

Are Damson Idris and lori harvey dating?

Yes. The duo started dating in January 2023, as revealed by an IG post with both of them in It. 

Is Damson Idris in a relationship?

Yes, he’s currently dating Lori Harvey.

What nationality is Damson Idris?

He is Officially British and also likes to acknowledge his Nigerian Roots.

How did Damson Idris start acting?

At Brunel, Idris first met Cathy Tyson, who advised him to contact Ade Solanke and apply for a part in her play Pandora’s Box. He received the role, signed up with an agency, and began to make appearances on other sets.

What school did Damson Idris attend?

He decided to enroll at Brunel University in London to study drama. Upon graduation, he received an honors Degree in theater, film, and television studies. He completed his acting training at the Identity School of Acting in London.

How did Damson Idris become famous?

For this role in Farming, he received the Michael Powell Award for Best Actor in a British Film from the Edinburgh Film Festival, but it is In John Singleton’s FX crime drama Snowfall, which debuted in July 2017, that Idris stands out as Franklin Saint, a driven 19-year-old heroin dealer in Los Angeles.

Does Damson Idris have a child?

No. He doesnt

Does Damson Idris have a brother?

Yes. He actually has Three. Their names aren’t known to the media though.

How much did Damson Idris make from snowfall?

Idris has not disclosed how much money he receives for working on Snowfall. According to The Hollywood Magazine, Idris might make more money than the $50,000 average actor wage, given his profession and degree of experience. What is known is that he has reportedly amassed a net worth of almost $1 million from it.

Where does Damson Idris live?

He is reported to live in L.A.’s popular Studio City.

How tall is Damson Idris?

He is 6Ft 1In

How to pronounce Damson Idris?

dam·zuhn i·druhs

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