Dong Wook Lee

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Dong Wook Lee Basic Information

Stage Name: Lee Dong-Wook
Real Name: Lee Dong-Wook
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Gender: Male
Nationality: South Korean
Marital Status: Single
Education: Joongbu University
Height: 1.84 metres
Net Worth: $10 million

Dong Wook Lee Biography

Lee Dong-Wook is a South Korean actor, entertainer and model and easily one of the notable faces in Korea’s film universe. Born in the Korean capital of Seoul, Dong-Wook’s interest in film caught fire when he was pretty young but he only began his acting career in 1999.

Ten years later, in 2009, he would enlist in the military, where he served under the National Defense Public Relations Service until 2011. He would return to the world of acting soon after.

He has since starred in many popular dramas such as “My Girl” (2002), I’m Sorry I Love You (2004), and The King 2 Hearts (2012), among others, which earned him several awards including two SBS Drama Awards for Best New Actor & Popularity Award respectively; three MBC Drama Awards including Best New Actor & Top Excellence Award as well as one KBS Drama Award for Best Couple alongside Lee Da Hae

Dong Wook Lee, Yours Truly, People, May 28, 2023


Lee Dong-wook was born on February 16, 1983 in Seoul, South Korea. His family consists of his parents and an older brother who is also an actor.

His father worked as a police officer while his mother stayed at home to take care of the children. He attended Seongnam High School and graduated from Dongguk University with a degree in Theater and Film Arts in 2005.

He started as a model before becoming an actor when he won first place at an audition held by KBS2 TV network for their new drama series Autumn In My Heart (2001).


Lee Dong-wook’s extended family comprises himself, three siblings, and their parents. The family was pretty close and remained the same even with the kids now grown into adults. Although the eldest of four children, Lee DOng-wook is said to still be single at the time of writing.


Lee Dong-wook’s parents are Lee Seung-ho and Kim Mi-ja. His father worked as a police officer while his mother stayed at home to take care of the children.

They raised Dong-wook and his older brother in Seoul, South Korea. There are two other children besides the ones mentioned.  Although not much is known about his parents, it is clear that they provided a stable and loving home for their children to grow up in. Dong-wook has spoken fondly of his parents in interviews, expressing his gratitude for their support and sacrifices in helping him pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. Without them, he would likely not have been who he is today.


Lee is not an only child. He’s got siblings, most notably Lee Seong Hee.


There are no records indicating thaT Lee Dong-wook has a child. The children he has been with on set are not known to be his biological children. However, he has not ruled out having kids in the future. In fact, his dream is to have at least three children – whatever the gender.


Lee Dong-wook revels in the world of acting, and he is not on the loud side. This attribute has enamoured him to the Korean public.

Dong Wook Lee, Yours Truly, People, May 28, 2023


Who could Lee Dong-wook ‘s girlfriend be? Several women, most of them part of the KDrama universe, have been linked to him, including Lee Da-Hae and Kim Sun-Ah.

Net Worth

A celebrity’s net worth is a source of eternal curiosity to fans, and for good reason. Anyway, Lee Dong-wook is not someone who would be bothered by conversations about net worth. He’s mostly focused on his art. However, according to K Drama Stars, he has a net worth of $10 million – pretty impressive by Korean standards.

Dong Wook Lee, Yours Truly, People, May 28, 2023


Some people acquire cars as a status symbol while some are more focused on utility – what can take them from point A to point B, whether it reflects prestige or not. Lee Dong-wook most likely belongs to the second category, but details about his cars are just not out there.


Details about Lee Dong-wook’s house are just not out there. However, given how far he has come as an actor, it shouldn’t be open to doubt that he lives in a crib he is cool with – a good place.


An actor’s filmography – a combination of all the movies he had featured in is vitally important in assessing his talent and career as it gives glimpses into his artistic range and so much more. It might be said that Lee Dong-Wook has done pretty well as an actor with several flicks to his credit, including Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Tale of the Nine Tailed, Harbin, Byooti Insaideu, and Single in Seoul

Dong Wook Lee, Yours Truly, People, May 28, 2023


Some people see comedy as wine to the soul and for good reason. For one, it lightens a situation, making merry and otherwise tense situation. Dong Wook Lee might not be a professional comedian but has brought the comedic into hearts and homes with his acting. “Single in Soul” is one comedic offering that just cannot be missed.

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