Godwin Obaseki

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Godwin Obaseki Basic Information

Stage Name:Godwin Obaseki
Real Name:Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki
Occupation:Politician and Businessman
Date Of Birth/Age:1 July 1957 (66) Years Old
Place of Birth:Benin City, Edo State
Marital Status:Married
  • St. Matthew’s Primary School
  • Eghosa Grammer School
  • University Of Ibadan
  • Pace University
  • Columbia University
  • Lagos Business School
 Height:5 ft 9 in
Net Worth:$225 Million

Godwin Obaseki Biography

Godwin Obaseki, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

The third child of the Late Pa Roland Obaseki and Gbinigie of Owina Street, Ogbelaka Quarters, Benin City, Obaseki was born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. He had his elementary education at St. Matthew’s Primary School and his secondary education at Eghosa Grammar School in Benin City.

He is the Governor of Edo State after Adams Oshiomole on the platform of the APC, but he has since decamped to the PDP.

He is a businessman, politician, and expert in investments. Having worked in investment banking, asset management, and securities dealing for more than 30 years, he is a member of the Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers in Nigeria.


Godwin Obaseki, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

Godwin Obaseki is a member of the famed Obaseki family of Edo State. They have a famously illustrious background.

Much isn’t known about the family on an individual level, but they’re known to have had members of the family occupy top organizational and government positions.

Obaseki is very charitable and works as a trustee for the Dr. Jackson Owen Obaseki Foundation, a family-run Organization that offers free medical and educational assistance to those who are less fortunate.


His parents are Mr. Roland Obaseki and Mrs. Stella Osarhiere Igbinigie(MON).


The Obaseki family is quite large as they’re a well-known family in Edo State. As such, the total number of Godwin’s siblings isn’t known though names like Victor and Osaro Obaseki, who are said to be his brothers, have popped up in the news.


Godwin Obaseki, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

There isn’t a biological child living with Governor Obaseki and his wife, Betty. The couple has not yet been conceived.

Over the years, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki has referred to those who make fun of her inability to produce biological children with her husband as people who lack empathy and has said that such people should be pitied.


Godwin Obaseki, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

Obaseki is married to financial advisor Betsy Bene Obaseki.

She graduated from the University of Lagos with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in accounting, and she also completed the USA’s Kellogg’s School of Business Executive Management Program.

Betsy Bene Obaseki was born in Buguma, Kalabari Kingdom, Rivers State, to Mr. and Mrs. Ayibo Amachree.


Godwin Obaseki, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

Mr. Obaseki has excelled in his chosen field over the past 30 years, rising to the status of a world-renowned authority in investment banking, asset management, and securities trading.

He has had positions with several businesses, including Capital Trust Brokers Ltd in Lagos, International Merchant Bank (a subsidiary of First Chicago Bank), AVC Funds Limited in Lagos, and Equatorial Finance Corporation, a financial advisory firm with an emphasis on Africa, in New York.

It’s interesting to note that Mr. Obaseki oversaw the core group that founded two of Nigeria’s new-generation banks, which radically changed the character of the country’s banking sector.

After that, Mr. Obaseki launched Afrinvest West Africa Limited (formerly SecTrust) in 1995, turning himself into an entrepreneur.
The International Financial Corporation (IFC) picked Afrinvest as the correspondent stockbroker for Nigeria in 1995 thanks to Mr. Obaseki’s financial savvy and the company’s many successes.

Mr. Obaseki established the first derivative product, the Nigerian International Debt Fund (NIDF), on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, which allowed Nigerians to invest local savings in US Dollar instruments. His contemporaries then referred to him as a solutions provider with ideas (1996).

To raise UD$ 50 million from the foreign capital market, a Nigerian bank issued Global Depositary Shares (GDS), which he provided advice on.

Since 2005, Afrinvest, under his direction, has offered some of the most insightful advice on some of the most significant transactions in the Nigerian capital market, earning it recognition as a key Investment Research organization.

Mr. Obaseki serves on the boards of several prestigious companies in Nigeria as a sign of the respect he enjoys in the business world.

Since 17 March 2009, Mr. Obaseki, passionate about development, has served as the chairman of the Edo State Government’s Economic and Strategy Team (EST) on a volunteer basis. He held this position until he announced his intention to run for governor.

At the elections held in November 2016, he ran for governor of Edo State and won on the All Progressive Congress (APC) platform. He was re-elected into office under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Net Worth

Godwin Obaseki, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

According to various Media outlets, the estimated value of Obaseki’s net worth is $225 million.


Obaseki owns a bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. He also drives a Range Rover Velar and a Lexus LX570.


Obaseki resides at the Edo state government house even though he owns various homes with secret locations and identities.


Godwin Obaseki, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

After his early education at St. Matthew’s Primary school and the Eghosa Grammar school, Obaseki continued to the University of Ibadan, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics.

He performed his required one-year National Youth Service in Jos, Plateau State. Afterward, he traveled from Nigeria to the US to study at Pace University and Columbia University in New York, where he earned an MBA in Finance and International Business.

Obaseki served as the US’s secretary of the Africa Chamber of Commerce since its formation in 1992. Also, he served as a director for Junior Achievement of Nigeria, a local chapter of a global non-profit organization (NGO).

Mr. Obaseki is a Lagos Business School Chief Executive Program graduate and a Fellow of the Nigerian Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers. In 2001, the World Economic Forum named him a Global Leader for Tomorrow (GLT).

Popular Questions

Is Godwin Obaseki married?

Yes. He is married to Betsy Bene Obaseki, who is a Financial Expert.

Does Godwin Obaseki have a child?

Sadly, No. He doesn’t have any biological child of his own.

Is Godwin Obaseki related to Gaius base?

There’s no substantial evidence to the public to prove such, but it is said that they are related as they’re members of the famed Obaseki family of Edo State.

Who is Godwin Obaseki's wife?

She is Betsy Bene Obaseki. She was born in Buguma, Kalabari Kingdom, Rivers State, to Mr. and Mrs. Ayibo Amachree.

Where is Godwin Obaseki from?

He is from Benin City, Edo State.

Which party is Godwin Obaseki now?

He is a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He decamped from the All Progressive Congress (APC) when seeking re-election.

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