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Idris Elba Basic Information

Stage Name: Idris Elba/ DJ Big Driis
Real Name: Idrissa Akuna Elba OBE
Occupation: Actor, Part-time DJ, and Singer
Date Of Birth/Age: 6 September 1972(51) Years Old
Place of Birth:  London Borough, Hackney
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married
  • Barking and Dagenham College
  • National Youth Music Theatre
Height: 6 Ft 3 In
Net Worth: $45 Million

Idris Elba Biography

Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Idrissa Akuna Elba was born on September 6, 1972, in the London Borough of Hackney to Sierra Leonean Creole Winston Elba and Ghanaian Eve. Winston Elba was a worker at the Ford Dagenham plant. His parents got hitched in Sierra Leone before relocating to London. Elba abbreviated his first name to “Idris” at school in Canning Town, where he first got into acting. He was raised in East Ham and Hackney. He attributes getting his first significant break to The Stage. After seeing an ad for a play in it, he went to an audition, got the part, and later met his first agent while playing the role.

He started assisting an uncle with his wedding DJ business in 1986, and a year later, he founded his own DJ firm with a few of his pals.

Elba attended Barking and Dagenham College briefly before dropping out in 1988 and being awarded a spot in the National Youth Music Theatre thanks to a £1,500 Prince’s Foundation grant. In his early career, he took odd jobs like tire fitting, cold calling, and night shifts at Ford Dagenham to sustain himself between assignments. Throughout his teenage years, he worked as a DJ in nightclubs under the stage name “Big Driis,” but it wasn’t until he was in his early twenties that he started applying for television parts.

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Winston and Eve Elba are Idris Elba’s parents. Winston Elba, who is a businessman by trade, is his father. His mother, Eve Elba, is a stay-at-home mom. He is an only child.


Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Winston and Eve Elba are the names of Idris Elba’s parents. His father works as a businessman, and His mother is a housewife.


It is impossible to say whether Idris Elba is his parents’ sole child because he has never disclosed any information about his siblings. However, according to sources, he was reportedly raised in London and is an only child.


Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Idris Elba is the proud father of a son and a daughter. His daughter Isan was born in January 2002, and Winston, his son, was born in April 2014.


Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Elba has been married three times, first to Hanne “Kim” Norgaard from 1999 to 2003 and then to Sonya Nicole Hamlin for four months in 2006. His two children are a boy named Winston, from a previous relationship with Naiyana Garth, and a daughter named Isan, with Norgaard.

Early in 2017, Elba started dating the Somali-Canadian model Sabrina Dhowre. On 10 February 2018, they engaged while watching his movie Yardie in an East London theater. On 26 April 2019, they were wed in Marrakech and are still together.


Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Elba’s first acting roles were in the Crimewatch murder reconstructions and The Boot Street Band, a BBC children’s drama aired in 1994. He was cast in his first substantial part in 1995’s medical drama Bramwell, which occurred in 1890s England. In a Season 1 episode, he portrayed the lead role of Charlie Carter, an African petty criminal who had to raise his daughter alone after losing his wife to delivery. He was cast as a gigolo on the Fabulous episode titled “Sex” in 1995, which gave him his first notable role. The Ruth Rendell Mysteries and The Bill, among other shows, both went on to cast several supporting actors in British television. He joined the cast of the television drama Family Affairs before going on to participate in Ultraviolet and then Dangerfield. Soon after, he decided to go to New York City. Periodically, he traveled back to England for a television appearance, such as one of the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. In 2001, Elba played Achilles in a theater version of Troilus and Cressida in New York City.

He appeared in the first two episodes of Silent Witness’s second season, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears,” in 1997. After appearing in a minor part on a Law & Order episode in 2001, Elba was cast as the lead in the HBO drama series The Wire in 2002. Elba played Russell “Stringer” Bell in the television series from 2002 to 2004, possibly his most prominent part in the country. He played Captain Augustin Muganza in the HBO drama Sometimes in April on the Rwandan genocide in 2005. For the 2007 BET show Black Men: The Truth, Elba made an appearance. On The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, which was filmed in Botswana, he played Charlie Gotso. Easter Sunday, 23 March 2008, saw the series’ BBC One premiere, with a record-breaking 6.3 million viewers and 27% of the audience.

Variety reported in January 2009 that Idris Elba would play Charles Miner on NBC’s The Office, a new foe for regional manager Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin (Steve Carell). Later in the 2009 season, Elba appeared in a six-episode plot arc in addition to the season finale. He agreed to appear in the lead role on the six-part BBC television series Luther in September 2009, and the show premiered in May 2010. In 2010, he appeared on The Big C on Showtime. Elba received the Award for Best Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television at the 69th Golden Globe Awards, aired on 15 January 2012, for his performance in the BBC murder drama series Luther.

Elba also acts as an R&B singer and a DJ under DJ Big Driis or Idris. He was one of the World’s Time 100 Most Important Persons in 2016. His films have made over $9.8 billion at the box office worldwide as of May 2019, with over $3.6 billion coming from North America, where he ranks among the top 20 highest-grossing actors. Elba has appeared in the music videos for Giggs, Fat Joe, and Angie Stone since 2004. (2010). He produced the four-song EP Big Man for Hevlar Records in 2006. He co-produced and sang on the album’s opening track by Jay-Z, American Gangster (2007). In The Venetian and Ice House Club in Las Vegas, he provided the music for the 2007 NBA All-Star festivities. He got the idea to create a play called Tree which had its world premiere at the Manchester International Festival in 2019, using the music from his album Idris Elba Presents mi Mandela. The piece’s authorship was contested, nevertheless. The writers Tori Allen-Martin and Sarah Henley said they were fired from the production under dubious circumstances, according to an article in The Guardian on 2 July 2019. Once Elba approached them and asked them to develop his idea for a musical based on the album, on which Allen-Martin had also participated, the writers spent four years working on the project. In May 2018, Kwame Kwei-Armah joined the project and revised some of its content. At

On 23 October 2017, Elba presided over The Best FIFA Football Awards 2017 at the London Palladium. During the performance, he grabbed a selfie of “the best team in the world”—Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar.

Idris Elba’s 12-month kickboxing and mixed martial arts training under Muay Thai coach Kieran Keddle culminated in Elba’s first professional kickboxing fight, which he won against a younger, more skilled Dutch opponent at London’s York Hall, according to the Discovery Channel documentary Idris Elba: Fighter.

Elba was awarded the Sexiest Man of the Year by Essence in 2013 and the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 2018. He received a MOBO Inspiration Award in October 2014. At the 2016 New Year’s Honours, Elba was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contributions to drama. He was the male recipient of the 2017 British “Rear of the Year” award.

He was one of 50 honored in September 2018 as part of Time Out magazine’s 50th anniversary for “making London amazing” and shaping the city’s cultural scene.
He was recognized as one of the top 100 most influential individuals of African/African-Caribbean heritage in the UK in the Powerlist editions from 2020 and 2021.

Net Worth

Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Elba is said to be estimated to be worth over $45 Million.


Idris has quite the taste for exquisite cars and has a number of them in his garage, which includes a Ford Fiesta RS Rally Car, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Mercedes Benz SLS Class, Bentley Continental GT, Tesla Model S, Jaguar X, and a Ferrari 488 Spider amongst others.


Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Idris Elba owns several properties across the globe, and his house in London is known as “the London home” located at Wallace Rd, London, UK. According to sources, because of the property’s size, it has an unknown number of bedrooms, and its Square feet of space hasn’t been ascertained yet.


Idris Elba Identifies as English, British, and Sierra Leonean.

Movies & TV Shows

Idris Elba, Yours Truly, People, April 15, 2024

Ridley Scott’s American Gangster (2007), Obsessed (2009), and Prometheus all included Elba (2012). He played Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad (2021), which is based in the DC Extended Universe, and Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), starting with Thor (2011). Moreover, he appeared in the films Molly’s Game (2013), Beasts of No Country (2015), and Pacific Rim (2013), for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor (2017). His portrayal of Rufus Buck in the Western movie The Harder They Fall was one of his other notable appearances (2021). Elba has also provided voices for characters in the 2016 films Finding Dory, The Jungle Book, Zootopia, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. (2022). He made his directing debut in 2018 with a rewrite of Victor Headley’s 1992 book Yardie.

In 2007, Elba agreed to star as Monty, a blue-collar mechanic who falls in love with the lawyer helping him get custody of his children. But, the romance and his chances of getting charged are jeopardized when his ex-wife returns. He was a part of the 2007 motion pictures This Christmas (2007) and 28 Weeks Later (2007), which collectively earned close to $50 million at the box office. Next, he appeared in the Guy Ritchie London gangster movie RocknRolla and the horror movie Prom Night both in 2008. Finally, he appeared in Obsessed, a thriller with Beyoncé, and the horror movie The Unborn in 2009. The latter had an excellent first weekend, earning $29 million.

Elba was introduced as Charlie in the Turn Up Charlie Netflix comedy series in April 2018. It debuted on 15 March 2019 and was discontinued after one season. Also, he was a creator and actor in the semi-autobiographical comedy In the Long Run.

He has a contract with Apple to create original content through his production firm Green Door Pictures. Afrofuturist adult cartoon and sci-fi series Dantai, tentatively titled Dantai, would be about a time when biotech has “generated an ever-widening gap between the haves and have-nots,” according to a January 2021 article on the enterprises owned by Elba and his wife, Sabrina Dhowre.

Type Title
Movie Thor: Ragnarok
Movie Avengers: Infinity War
Movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Movie Pacific Rim
Movie Beasts of No Nation
TV Show Luther
TV Show The Wire
TV Show The Office
TV Show Turn Up Charlie
TV Show In the Long Run

Are Idris Elba and Dominic West friends?

They can be said to be friends, but most importantly, They are Industry colleagues and were co-stars in the HBO series “The Wire,” amongst other projects they’ve collaborated on together

Are Damson Idris and Idris Elba related?

Idris Elba and Damson Idris are unrelated to one another. Idris Elba and Damson Idris are entirely unrelated, even though both are influential actors in their own right.

Are Jessica Alba and Idris Elba related?

No. Idris Elba isn’t related to Jessica Alba.

What race is Idris Elba?

Idris is Black by race. Elba was born to immigrant parents from the working class (his father was from Sierra Leone, and his mother was born in Ghana).

What is Idris Elba like in real life?

Elba’s multi-genre career hints at a broad range of interests, a restless personality, and a Stakhanovite work ethic. “Wearing hats” is how Elba characterizes his commitment to hopping between creative streams, from acting to music to campaigning. After that, he certainly exudes warmth and charm. Despite having a rich, vibrant voice, he doesn’t appear snobbish.

How rich is Idris Elba?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor, and businessman is reportedly worth $45 million, or roughly over £34 million.

Can Idris Elba play the piano?

Yes. He has shown that by playing in some movies that required him to

Can Idris Elba sing?

In addition to his acting work, Elba serves as an R&B singer and a DJ going by DJ Big Driis or Idris.

Can Idris Elba play the saxophone?

No. It is not known if he can, though.

Can Idris Elba play any instruments?

He plays several instruments, including the guitar and the piano.

Can Idris Elba box?

Idris has also dabbled into kickboxing and even won a professional fight against Lionel Graves

Why Idris Elba can't be James Bond?

The star turned down the role to focus on his Luther role because he doesn’t see himself as a fit for the “Daniel Craig 007” role “When he looks at the mirror.”

Did Idris Elba play in The Office?

Yes. He played Charles Miner. On 19 March 2009, NBC broadcasted the first episode in the US. In the episode, Idris Elba, who starred in The Wire, portrays Charles Miner, Michael Scott’s new strict superior. This was the first of Elba’s six planned guest appearances on The Office.

Did Idris Elba play soccer?

Elba is an enthusiastic supporter of the Arsenal Football Club and was part of the Soccer Aid charity match. Idris Elba, iconic manager Arsène Wenger, and Soccer Aid for UNICEF mainstay Robbie Keane faced up against Vicky McClure and England, co-managed by football icons Harry Redknapp, David Seaman, and Emma Hayes.

Did Idris Elba play in The Wire?

Idris Elba portrays the fictional Russell “Stringer” Bell in The Wire’s television series. He first appears as a minor antagonist in seasons 1 and 2 before becoming the primary antagonist in season 3.

Did Idris Elba play in Black Panther?

No, he has played Heimdal in the MCU films. It would be awkward to have him play in Black Panther. Furthermore, Elba’s demise in Infinity War had a purpose. He has been outspoken about his dissatisfaction with Marvel Studios and desires to collaborate no longer.

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