Jalen Hurts

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Jalen Hurts Basic Information

Stage Name: Jalen Hurts
Real Name: Jalen Alexander Hurts
Occupation: American Footballer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: The University of Oklahoma
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 101 kg
Net Worth: $6  million

Jalen Hurts Biography

Jalen Hurts is an American football quarterback and the youngest ever to start in the quarterback position at the University of Oklahoma. Although he had the chance to join Texas A&M, he opted for Alabama, and that is where he has earned most of his stripes so far.

Jalen’s decision to delve into the world of sports is in no way surprising, as his father, Averion Sr, was a football coach at Channelview High School. He has a strong influence in the life of his son and was not just a father but a motivator as well – something that will be critical to Jalen’s success much later.

His football career started with the Channelview High School football team, where his father was a coach. He has made a couple of smooth transitions since then – to the University of Oklahoma and ultimately to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he is still active.

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Hurts is neither married nor does he have a child, so his family consists of his elder brother Averion, his younger sister Kynnedy, his mother, Pamela, and his football coach father, Averion. Jalen has a close relationship with his father who he credited with giving him a foundation in the game.

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Jalen Hurts parents are no other than Averion Hurts (father) and Pamela Hurts (mother). Of the two, his father has a much deeper commitment to sports as a coach.


Jalen Hurts has two siblings – an older brother known as Averion and a younger sister known as Kynnedy


Jalen Hurts does not have kids yet – neither adopted nor biological. He has, however, not ruled out having children in the future. It is just not in the cards for him at the moment.

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For many out there, the life of a sportsman is a life of life. But Hurts has shown remarkable modesty in life, driving a used car and living in modest quarters although he is in a position to afford more expensive stuff


Bryonna Nicole Rivera Burrows, a Kennesaw Mountain High School graduate, is the girlfriend of Jalen Hurts. The two had reportedly met at the University of Alabama.

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Net Worth

It is unclear exactly what Jalen Hurts’s net worth is at this point, especially as he is more focused on his game than on anything else. As a result others – and that includes fans – have been doing the talking. Conservative estimates of his net worth range from between $6- to $10 million


The quarterback reportedly has a base salary of $4,204,000, minus the workout bonus he gets,


It isn’t just in his home that he shows modesty of sorts. He is just as modest in his rides and that’s in the sense that he could easily afford a brand-new car but chooses to roll around in a pre-owned Cadillac. “I love it,” he has once said when asked about his choice


Jalen Hurts is said to have houses in different cities in the United States, However, his Houston home appears to have been of most interest to many out there. The reason for this might interest you: It is a pretty modest home and not exactly what many expect, given his calibre as a quarterback and his earnings.

Jalen Hurts, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024Jalen Hurts, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024


Jalen Hurts’s college is the University of Oklahoma, a public located in the state of the same name. It was founded in 1890 and remains one of the notable institutions in the city. It has an acceptance rate of 85 per cent, which makes it one of the universities where it is much easier to gain admission to study whatever.

How much did Jalen Hurts squat?

The quarterback squatted 6oo pounds, which shocked and surprise many people and caused great excitement online when the clip of that “feat” surfaced online.

Can Jalen Hurts squat 600 pounds

Yes, he can and has actually done that in the past. The video of him squatting 600 pounds went viral when it was shared online.

Who was Alabama's QB before Jalen Hurts?

Blake Barnett reportedly held that position before Jalen Hurts, who, when he took over, delivered with remarkable finesse.

Did Nick Saban tell Jalen Hurts to go to Oklahoma?

The quarterback reportedly took the decision himself.

How does Jalen Hurts feel about Nick Saban?

Jalen Hurts is known to have great respect for Nick Saban, whom he credited with instilling great relationship values in him during his time at Alabama.

Why did Jalen Hurts transfer to Oklahoma?

He had commented on that previously during an interview, where he noted verbatim: “There’s a great foundation here at Oklahoma, and Coach Riley does a great job.” He had a great rapport with the coach and it would reflect in his performance much later.

How much does Jalen Hurts make?

Hurts is one of the top earners in the game. In fact, as early as last year, he was ranked 47th in earnings among NFL quarterbacks.

How many national championships does Jalen Hurts have?

He won a championship while playing college football at the University of Alabama in 2018. He is still very young with prospects of winning more championships before him.

Is Jalen Hurts Omega Psi Phi?

Yes, Jalen Hurts is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. He has reportedly been a member since 2020. He is also one of the more prominent members of the group

Who replaced Jalen Hurts at Alabama?

Tua Tagovailoa replaced Jalen Hurts at Alabama. Interestingly, he took the replacement graciously on and off the pitch, which struck his coach at the time.

Are Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa friends?

They may not hang out often, but they are friends and manage to keep in touch. In fact, at some point, they had been interviewed together during which time they spoke about their friendship and other issues, including American football.

Are Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes related?

They are not related, except by being professionals in the same sport. They have faced off on the pitch previously as parts of different teams but still maintain mutual respect – as should be among sportsmen.

Are Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes brothers?

No, they are not brothers.

Who are Jalen Hurts parents?

His parents are no other than Pamela and Averion Hurts.

Can Jalen Hurts win MVP?

Yes. He has got what it takes.

Can Jalen Hurts sing?

Some people are gifted in several areas, and Jalen Hurts happen to be one of them. He can sing and has in fact been recorded multiples time singing. An example of him single is given right here, as you can see.

Is Jalen Hurts an only child?

No. he is not an only child. he has siblings.

How far can Jalen Hurts throw a football?

He is one of the few who can throw a football to over 330 yards. he has done that a couple of times already.

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