Mr. Macaroni

Mr. Macaroni Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife/Girlfriend, Comedy, Movies, Parents & Siblings

Mr. Macaroni Basic Information

Stage Name: Mr. Macaroni
Real Name: Adebowale Adedayo
Occupation: Actor, Content Creator
Date Of Birth/Age: 3 May 1993 (31) Years Old
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: Tendercare International Nursery and Primary School

Babcock University High School

Lead City University, Ibadan

Houdegbe North American University, Cotonou

Afe Babalola University

Redeemers University, Nigeria

Height: 1.73 m
Net Worth: $117K

Mr. Macaroni Biography

Adebowale “Debo” Adedayo, also known as Mr. Macaroni, is a Nigerian actor, content producer, and citizen activist born on May 3, 1993. His popularity arose from his comedy skits on social media, in which he plays the role of a political figure-cum-sugar daddy named “Daddy Wa” or a sadistic lecturer called “Professor Hard Life.” In addition, he is a skilled dramatist. Debo popularized phrases such as “Ooin,” “Freaky freaky,” and “You’re doing well.”

Debo is known for his social justice advocacy through his humorous works and online presence. His skits ridicule social concerns to raise human rights awareness and criticize everyday social relationships. Debo used his position and presence at different protest places during the 2020 #EndSARS protests in Nigeria to speak against police brutality – despite becoming a victim as a result.

Mr. Macaroni Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife/Girlfriend, Comedy, Movies, Parents &Amp;Amp; Siblings



Mr. Macaroni is unmarried and not engaged to anyone, despite rumors that he married Mummy Wa, a skit artist widely known as Kemz Mama, which he denied. He said he is frightened of being in a relationship since he despises hurting other people and does not want to hurt himself. Mr. Macaroni has claimed that he has no intentions of marrying anytime soon. During a Q&A session on his Twitter account, he revealed this.


His father’s name is Musa Alao, also known as Alao Agbedegbeyo, and he was a former NTA television presenter and popular newscaster in the early 1980s. Now, the prolific writer is the publisher of Alaroye and Akede Agbaye, a highly read and popular Yoruba newspaper.

Mrs. Dorcas Adedayo, his mother, is a devout Christian and a leader in the Celestial Church of Christ. Mrs. Dorcas is Tender Care International School’s proprietress, located in Magodo, Lagos.

Mr. Macaroni, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024


Mr. Macaroni has siblings with whom he has been spotted at various public events and functions, though little is known about them.

Mr. Macaroni, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024



Mr. Macaroni founded Mr. Macaroni Entertainment Ltd. An enrolled group that devotes much time to the arts and entertainment. He has been running the company for a few years but has recently risen to prominence after launching a series of satirical performances. In most of his performances (comic skits), he usually plays the role of a kind benefactor or sugar daddy, always looking for a side chick. His productions are treasured because of their distinctiveness and the lessons viewers learn at the conclusion.


Before beginning the “Mr. Macaroni” series, Mr. Macaroni made several film and television appearances. Movies like Superstorey and Mistresses, to mention a couple. He claimed that he stopped getting film roles at one point in his life and started to come off as unprofessional. The majority of the movies in which Mr. Macaroni has starred are comedies.

He portrays Uchenna in the 2021 Nigerian comedy “Ponzi,” based on the 2016 MMM Ponzi scheme victims. Moreover, Mr. Macaroni performed in the 2021 movie “Ayinla.” In the film, he portrayed Bayowa. Based on the biography of Ayinla Yusuf, also known by his stage name Ayinla Omowura, the musical movie Ayinla was created. Additionally, Mr. Macaroni has starred in the TV series Ile Alayo.


-Net Worth

From his comic skits, the social media personality has gained a significant sum of money, estimated to be $117,000 (48 million Naira). While the exact amount he has earned from comedy is unknown, it is thought that he has also made money from film and television performances.


In a recent post on social media, Mr. Macaroni listed every property in Lekki, Lagos, that he is the owner of. In a tweet, the comedian also stated that he owns homes and a business in Lekki. However, the public cannot access accurate information about Mr. Macaroni’s residence.


Mr. Macaroni is the owner of an unknown number of vehicles. The comedian is known to have a significant car collection. However, a particular blue Toyota Highlander, which some assume he owns, continues turning up. A Lexus GX 460 is another vehicle owned by Mr. Macaroni. The Lexus GX 460 is expensive, but its top-tier luxury and dynamic suspension improve the ride, and an off-road option is available to take it off the beaten path. Mr. Macaroni has many other cars in his garage that we cannot tell you about due to a lack of information.

Did Mr. Macaroni marry mummy wa?

Mr. Macaroni is not married to Kemi Ikuseedun, his colleague who is better known as Mummy Wa.

Did Mr. Macaroni get married?

No, he did not. The comedian has never been wed.

When did Mr. Macaroni start comedy?

Mr. Macaroni started his profession in 2014 when he left college to attend Wale Adenuga’s Pefti Film Institute.

Which university did Mr. Macaroni graduate from?

He graduated from Redeemer’s University Nigeria.

What did Mr. Macaroni study?

Mr. Macaroni eventually earned a degree in his dream course, Theatre Arts and Film Studies.

How much does Mr. Macaroni charge?

Depending on the client’s bargaining power, Macaroni charges from 2.5 to 8 million Naira.

How tall is Mr. Macaroni?

Mr. Macaroni is about 5″9 Feet tall.

How to meet Mr. Macaroni?

You can meet the star comedian via his social media pages or by booking him.

How to contact Mr. Macaroni?

He can be contacted through the channels provided on his social media pages.

How rich is Mr. Macaroni?

Reports say he is 48 million Naira rich, while others speculate 67 million.

Is Mr. Macaroni in Anikulapo?

Yes, “Akanji” was the character played by Mr. Macaroni.

Is Mr. Macaroni engaged?

The comedian is not in a relationship, let alone engaged.

Is Mr. Macaroni a twin?

Nothing is known about his siblings, but it is not reported anywhere that he is a twin.

What's Mr. Macaroni's real name?

Mr. Macaroni’s government name is Adebowale Adedayo.

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