Nusret “Salt Bae” Gökçe Biography: Age, Real Name, Restaurant Chain, Net Worth, Wife, Children, House & Cars

Nusret “Salt Bae” Gökçe Basic Information

Stage Name: Salt Bae
Real Name: Nusret Gökçe
Occupation: Butcher, Chef
Date Of Birth/Age: 9 August 1983 (39 years)
Place of Birth: Paşalı, Turkey
Gender: Male
Nationality: Turkish
Marital Status: Single
Education: Faik Şahenk İlkokulu
Net Worth: £40 million (reportedly)

Nusret “Salt Bae” Gökçe Biography

The audacity to try. Salt Bae has got so much of that, something he readily admits any day – and it has taken him far as a chef and even earned him condemnation from some quarters when he popped into the pitch in Qatar to celebrate with Argentina’s World Cup-winning team.

Born in Paşalı, Turkey, Nusret Gökçe, long famous as Salt, Bae never had it easy growing up, which must have forced him to push himself and become the best he could ever be.

“Without much money, I traveled to Argentina to see the meat industry, and after that, I wanted to travel to the United States, but I was refused a visa 5 or 6 times, but I never gave up.”

He dropped out of school in the sixth grade because his parents could no longer afford his fees. He decided to apprentice at a butcher’s, where he got grounded in the world of butchery.

There are, of course, thousands of butchers out there, most of them unknown and uncelebrated. Salt Bae wanted a different life. He wanted to be out there and celebrated, too. Although he had little formal schooling, he decided to learn what he could about meats and cooking travelling around and lapping up new knowledge.

To stand out from the park, he adopted a means of seasoning and salting his culinary offerings. It was a hit on social media and Salt Bae found himself famous and a darling of celebs. And he became a celebrity himself. Talk about not giving up on your dreams


Salt bae was born in 1983, which makes him 39 years at the time of writing.

Nusret &Quot;Salt Bae&Quot; Gökçe Biography: Age, Real Name, Restaurant Chain, Net Worth, Wife, Children, House &Amp; Cars, Yours Truly, People, March 1, 2024

Real Name

Salt bae’s birth name is Nusret Gökçe

Restaurant Chain

Salt Bae has a restaurant chain named for him – birth name. They are spread around the world, from the United States to Abu Dhabi.

Net Worth

Opinions about Salt Bae’s net worth differ, with some sources putting it at £40 million.


Although he is often found around female diners at his restaurants, there is no evidence that he is married yet


Salt Bae has been pretty private about his family life, and it is unclear if he has children.

House & Cars

Salt Bae is a rich bod who also happens to love the rich life. Among the cars he is said to own are a Lamborghini Aventador SV, a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Mercedes-AMG G63, Bentley Continental GT, Lamborghini Urus, and a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Nusret &Quot;Salt Bae&Quot; Gökçe Biography: Age, Real Name, Restaurant Chain, Net Worth, Wife, Children, House &Amp; Cars, Yours Truly, People, March 1, 2024

The celebrated chef reportedly has several houses, the most notable being the one he moved into in 2021, which was previously owned by 20th-century Turkish playwright Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan.

Nusret &Quot;Salt Bae&Quot; Gökçe Biography: Age, Real Name, Restaurant Chain, Net Worth, Wife, Children, House &Amp; Cars, Yours Truly, People, March 1, 2024

Are Salt Bae's restaurants failing?

There is no evidence to suggest that Salt Bae’s restaurants are failing. However, his United Kingdom restaurant has faced the greatest criticism, and as far as some critics are concerned, it has failed.

Where are Salt Bae restaurants?

Salt Bae’s restaurant chain, called the Nusr-Et Steakhouseat, is strewn around the world. Locations include New York, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Texas, Ankara, Bodrum, Marmaris, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Jeddah.

How much are Salt Bae steaks?

Salt Bae has often been criticised for his expensive menu offering. Prices differ, depending on the location. But here is a little breakdown: 2 x Istanbul Sirloin – $200 ($100 each); 1 x Tomahawk – $275; 1 x Golden Tomahawk – $1,000; 1 x Sirt for 3 – $220.

What salt does Salt Bae use?

Salt Bae prefers Maldon salt.

Where can you meet Salt Bae?

You can meet Salt Bae in any of his restaurants around the world – if he is at that location at the time. Of course, he does not advertise his movements. However, he is most often to be found in his restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, a location he confesses a great love for.

Did Salttoculinary school?

Salt Bae went to school but dropped out of sixth grade at age 12 to work as a butcher’s apprentice to earn money.

How did Salt Bae get famous?

Salt Bae got famous by simply standing out, adding a touch of drama to how he prepares steak and other culinary stuff for guests. His seasoning and salting techniques went viral on social media, which meant that millions of people got to see him.
Now, he is a meme of sorts on social media.

How did Salt Bae get rich?

Salt Bae got rich by standing out in his restaurant business. From one restaurant he opened about a decade ago, he has launched over a dozen others, while attracting rich people as patrons.

Where did Salt Bae come from?

Salt Bae is from Pascali village in Turkey.

How did Salt Bae get his name?

He got the moniker from his salting technique, which went viral on social media.

What knives does Salt Bae use?

Salt Bae uses different types of knives but is more often seen with the stainless steel steak knife.

How do you pronounce Salt Bae?

Salt Bae might be pronounced solt bahyey.

Does Salt Bae have a restaurant in the USA?

Yes, Salt Bae has restaurants in the United States, one of which is located in the Beverly Hill area.

Does Salt Bae have a wife?

At the time of writing, Salt Bae doesn’t have a wife. He had once been asked about this, and he chimed in that he has been too busy with his business to see a woman. In his restaurants, though, he is often surrounded by female diners, and occasionally flirts with them

Does Salt Bae go to every table?

Salt Bae is a nice bloke who cuts the steak for his guest when he is in the restaurant.

Does Salt Bae speak English?

Yes, Salt Bae speaks English. He had once been asked about that and he answered that his English is “almost like a British.”

Has Salt Bae got a Michelin star?

A Michelin star is awarded to a restaurant adjudged to be of particularly high standards. In another sense, it is a hallmark of culinary excellence. Salt bae isn’t known to have any Michelin stars – in 2017 anyway. But that has in no way curtailed his fame.
However, he is known to have celebrated Joel Robuchon at death as the man with the most Michelin Stars.

Has Salt Bae got a restaurant in London?

Salt Bae has got restaurants in several locations, and London happens to be one of them. His London restaurant has often been described as ludicrous for being too expensive.

How long has Salt Bae been around?

By age, Salt Bae has been around for 39 years. By restaurant, he has been around for 12 years. He started his restaurant chain in 2012.

How much to have Salt Bae at your table?

For many, having Salt Bae himself serve them at the table is the biggest flex. But then, the entrepreneur himself does not necessarily serve everyone. He serves when he is available.

How many restaurants does Salt Bae have?

Salt Be has great business acumen, something that is beautifully reflected in his 22 steakhouses around the world, named for him. These houses often play host to some of the biggest celebrities around the world as well.

How much money does Salt Bae have?

The exact sum is probably only known by the celebrity chef himself. However, out there, multiple sources put the sum at £40 million – quite an impressive sum for a chef who was previously unknown and struggling.

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