Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson Basic Information

Stage Name: Pete Davidson
Real Name: Peter Michael Davidson
Occupation: Singer, Actor, Comedian
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Xaverian High School
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Net Worth: $8 million

Pete Davidson Biography

He imagined himself the king of State Island, where he was born. And indeed one can’t begrudge Pete David such flamboyant ideas of himself. He is actually one of the notable figures to have sprouted from there.

But Life was not all apples and laughter for the comedian and singer. He lost his father in the horrors of the September 11 attacks. That left him with only a mother and sister to navigate life with. But out of that darkness of early childhood came light – a happy soul ever eager to illuminate those around him Meet the bloke again: Pete Davidson.


Pete Davidson’s is not your large family off a Danielle Steel novel. No. His family comprises just four members, including himself.  The others are his mother, his father (now late), and his only sister.

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024


Pete Davidson wasn’t fortunate enough to have his father for a long time time. His father, Scott Matthew Davidson, was a firefighter who perished in the world Trade Centre during the September 11, 2001, attacks. His mother was a nurse at Xaverian High School, where Pete schooled.


Pete Davidson has just one sibling. Casey Davidson, who is younger than the SNL host, is a successful basketball player. It’s often said that she took after her father.

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024


Pete Davison loves life on the fast lane. He might be picked as someone who wouldn’t let the past hold him back. Life goes on despite the losses and challenges.


Pete Davidson is currently dating Chase Sui Wonders, an American actress. The two have been giving couple goals for a while now.

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024

Kim Kardashian Relationship

Pete Davidson’s relationship with Kim Kardashian is easily one of his most turbulent in the sense that her ex-husband was always on his case, roaring at him and accusing him of standing between him and his children. It got so bad that Pete feared for his life at some point. The relationship has long ended.

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024

Net Worth

Pete Davidson has been picked as one of the richest comedians out there. Celebrity Net Worths pegged his bag at exactly $8 million.


Pete Davidson loves cars and he’s unapologetic about displaying that love. His garage gleams with some of the most desirable cars out there, including a Mercedes GT63 AMG, an S-Class Mercedes Benz, and a Mercedes G Wagon.

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024


He had a home on Staten Island, where he was born, but put the property on the market for $1.3 million in December 2022. He decided to sell the house when moving to Brooklyn.

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024


Pete Davidson stands out for his love of tattoos. However, some of his tattoos are more famous than others. The most pronounced are those he had to honour his relationship with Ki, Kardashian. He’s reportedly covered them following their split.

Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024Pete Davidson, Yours Truly, People, April 17, 2024

 Movies, TV Shows

Pete Davidson has been featured in quite a number of movies, including Alive From New York, Big Time Adolescence, No Score Yet, The Jesus Rolls, and The Angry Birds Movie.

His shows include Saturday Night Live (SNL) and Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends, which shows on Netflix.

Are Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian still together?

No, the two are no longer together. They had a good time while their relationship lasted but went their separate ways along the line, blaming their schedules for their inability to pull things off.

Are Pete Davidson and Jenna Ortega dating?

At the time of writing, there is no evidence that the two are dating

Are Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski dating?

Pete Davidson has been with some of the most glamorous women out there, the most recent being Emily Ratajkowski. Emily got into a relationship with Pete following her divorce from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. Pete himself had just come out of a relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Are Pete Davidson and MGK still friends?

The two, who first met on the set of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, have reportedly been inseparable since despite living two markedly different lives.

Are Pete Davidson and Martha Stewart dating?

That has been the question in the mouths of some of Pete Davidson’s fans after he was photographed with her. There has been nothing tangible from him regarding whether they are dating or not. But if Martha’s words are to be taken seriously, then there is nothing serious between them.
Reply a question put to her in November 2022, she said: “Well, one day, you’ll know when we have our date,”

Can Pete Davidson sing?

Whether he can sing or not is debatable. But, he has been recorded crooning a parody of Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis” with a version reflecting where he was born, “Walking in Staten.” His voice some described as somewhat raspy at the time but carried the song along anyway.

Is Pete Davidson an only child?

No, he is not an only child. He has a sister named Casey Davidson. But she rarely features in discussions about him.

Is Pete Davidson an A-list celebrity?

Yes, he is an A-List celebrity, but that is a status he obtained only recently despite having been on the scene since about 2010.

Where can I watch the roast of Pete Davidson?

The roast can be watched on Comedy Central, a glimpse of which is given in the video embedded below.

Where can I watch Pete Davidson stand-up?

Pete Davidson is pretty versatile and you can watch his previous offerings on Saturday Night Live (SNL) as well as his Netflix offering, Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends.

How can I contact Pete Davidson?

Like most celebs out there, Pete Davidson is not someone you can get randomly over the phone. If he were active on Instagram at the time of writing, he could have been reached via a mention on that platform. Another way would be to reach him through his associates, assistant or agent.

Does Pete Davidson have cancer?

No, Pete Davidson doesn’t have cancer – not at the time of writing, anyway. He is only known to have Crohn’s disease (not the same as cancer), which was diagnosed when he was about 17, That was many years ago.

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