Skai Jackson

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Skai Jackson Basic Information

Stage Name: Skai Syed Jackson
Real Name: Skai Jackson
Occupation: Actress, YouTuber, Author
Date Of Birth/Age: April 8, 2002 (22) Years Old
Place of Birth: New York City, U.S.
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Homeschool
Height: 1.57 m
Net Worth: $1M

Skai Jackson Biography

American actress Skai Jackson was born on April 8, 2002. Skai was named one of 2016’s Most Influential Teens by Time magazine. She is best known for playing Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie (2011–2015), a position she later returned to in Bunk’d (2015–2018). Jackson was born in New York City’s Staten Island neighborhood. Her ancestry is both African American and Afro-Honduran.

As a young model, she made a name for herself in several national advertisements for brands like Band-Aid, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Old Navy. Jackson debuted as an actor at five in Liberty Kid (2007). Jackson’s first book, Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback, was published in 2019. She competed on the 29th season of Dancing with the Stars in 2020, where she reached the semifinals.

Skai Jackson, Yours Truly, People, April 13, 2024


Family Member Relationship
Kiya Cole Mother
Jacob Jackson Father
Kiya’s mother Grandmother
Kiya’s father Grandfather


Kiya Cole and Jacob Jackson are Skai Jackson’s parents. Due to their divorce, Skai is said to live with her New York-born mother, Kiya. On Skai’s Instagram and at red-carpet events, Kiya, who works as Skai’s part-time manager, is frequently pictured with her daughter.

Skai Jackson, Yours Truly, People, April 13, 2024Skai Jackson, Yours Truly, People, April 13, 2024


Skai Jackson has two siblings, a brother and a sister, whose identities have not been revealed.


Skai was rumored to be in a relationship with Julez Smith, who later confirmed their romantic connection. However, they broke up after she allegedly cheated on Julez. Smith was born on October 18, 2004, and his mother is no other than Solange Knowles, meaning he has global celebrities Beyoncé and Jay-Z as an aunt and uncle. Daniel Smith, a talent manager, divorced Julez’s mother, Solange, in 2019.

Skai Jackson, Yours Truly, People, April 13, 2024


Net Worth

Skai Jackson is estimated to have a net worth of about $1 million. She is among the highest-paid young actors in Hollywood. The starlet’s excellent childhood actress career has brought in a sizable sum of money. In addition, her model and brand endorser work contributes to another chunk of her income. Jackson owns her apparel company called “Roxi With Love” and is an ambassador for Teen Vogue.


Her car collection has not been disclosed.


Skai reportedly lives in her mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Movies & TV Shows

Jackson made her feature film debut in the independent film Liberty Kid (2007). He then appeared in a Rescue Me episode (2008). Jackson appeared in the movie The Rebound in 2009, and the following year, Little Fish, a character on the Nickelodeon preschool animation series Bubble Guppies, was cast in Jackson. She continued to make cameos and guest appearances in the 2011 releases Arthur and The Smurfs in addition to the television shows Team Umizoomi, Royal Pains, and Boardwalk Empire.

She was hired in 2011 for the Disney Channel comedy Jessie, from September 30, 2011, to October 16, 2015. She played Zuri Ross in that show. Jackson was nominated for an Image Award for the part. She made her film debut in the Hallmark Channel television movie The Watsons Go to Birmingham in 2013 as Joetta Watson. The year after, she appeared in an episode of the Disney XD cartoon series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Jackson would reprise her role as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel spin-off series Bunk’d in 2015, following the conclusion of Jessie. Jackson quickly made a guest appearance in K.C. Undercover after her success with Disney. In Marvel Rising: Initiation in 2018 as Glory Grant, Jackson made a cameo appearance. She later played the same character in Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts and Marvel Rising: Battle of the Bands.

She started voicing Summer in 2019 for the DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders Netflix animated series, which ran through 2020. In addition, Jackson took part in the 29th season of Dancing with the Stars, which debuted on September 14, 2020. Jackson also appeared in Muppets Haunted Mansion in 2021 as a singing bust.

Are Skai Jackson and Trevor Jackson related?

Trevor Jackson is not related to Skai Jackson. They only share a common surname.

Is Skai Jackson related to Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson?

Michael and Janet are siblings but are not in any way related to Skai.

Are Skai Jackson and Keke palmer related?

No, there is no relation. At best, they are industry pals.

Are Skai Jackson and Zendaya related?

The actresses are not related.

Are Skai Jackson and Samuel Jackson related?

Both actors do not branch off the same family tree.

Are Sanai victoria and Skai Jackson related?

Both actresses share a striking resemblance and are industry friends.

How much did Skai Jackson make on Jessie?

Actors can make anywhere from roughly $36,000 to $41,000. While there are no accurate records showing how much Jackson earned from her time on Jessie and Bunk’d, it’s safe to say that she made at least a couple of hundred thousand.

Can Skai Jackson sing?

She not only sings but is also good at it.

Is Skai Jackson an only child?

Skai has two siblings, a sister and a brother whose names are unknown.

Did Skai Jackson win dancing with the stars?

She and her dancing partner were eliminated in the semifinals, coming in 5th place.

Did Skai Jackson go to college?

The actress was homeschooled all her high school years and now attends college online.

Did Skai Jackson quit acting?

She never quit acting. That’s her life.

Did Skai Jackson date NLE Choppa?

They were never an item. Choppa only shot his shot at her after her breakup with Julez Smith.

Did Skai Jackson have a baby?

She was never a mother and still isn’t one.

Did Skai Jackson bleach her skin?

She has been accused of altering her skin tone, but she didn’t.

Did Skai Jackson date Cameron Boyce?

Although there were rumors that she and Jessie co-star Cameron Boyce were dating, both actors dismissed the stories, saying they were good friends.

Did Skai Jackson date Jaden Smith?

Skai did not date Jaden.

Did Skai Jackson lock her hair?

Skai is known for rocking her curly locks.

Did Skai Jackson leave Disney?

She didn’t necessarily leave; Jessie, the show she starred in, had ended after four seasons.

Does Skai Jackson have a boyfriend?

She presently has no boyfriend. She only recently called it quits with her last man.

Does Skai Jackson have any siblings?

The actress has two siblings; one brother and one sister.

What does Skai Jackson do now?

Currently, Skai Jackson is still into acting and social media influencing.

How do you pronounce Skai Jackson?

By looking at the name, you can tell how to pronounce it. Her last name is pretty famous, so a no-brainer. The first name is pronounced the same you’d say “Sky.”

Does Skai Jackson still act?

She still does and is waxing strong.

Does Skai Jackson have a twin?

Skai has no twin.

Does Skai Jackson play baseball?

It would appear she knows her way around the baseball game.

Has Skai Jackson won any awards?

She won the Young Entertainer Award for Best Ensemble in a Television Series (Bunk’d, 2018).

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