6ix9ine “Bori” feat. Lenier Song Review

"Bori" by 6ix9ine & Lenier: A Massive Shift in Sound and a Passionate Collaboration

6ix9ine and Lenier’s “Bori” is a surprising departure from the normal aggressive and chaotic style we’ve anticipated from 6ix9ine. This new Latin-infused song shows the artist’s softer side and gives listeners a glimpse into his personal struggles.

Lenier’s smooth and melodic vocals start the song, as he opens up about his childhood and the hardships he encountered growing up in the barrio. The lyrics are profoundly personal and emotional as he muses on his parents’ divorce, a dearth of material possessions, and the betrayal of fake friends. The first verse sets the tone for the rest of the song, delving deeply into the artists’ struggles and hardships.

As the song continues, Tekashi 6ix9ine takes over and delivers his own verse. In contrast to his customary high-energy flow, he uses a slower, more reflective style that emphasizes the song’s introspective nature. He discusses his own struggles, such as his humble origins and the sacrifices he had to make to get to where he is now.

Lenier’s chorus is catchy and uplifting, and it serves as an anthem for anyone who has encountered adversity in their life. As Lenier sings about his belief that his luck will ultimately change around, the lyrics are empowering and optimistic.

“Bori” is excellent, with Mauro “El Código Secreto” providing a lush and atmospheric beat that flawlessly complements the artists’ vocals. The composition includes acoustic guitar, percussion, and synths, all blending seamlessly to create a vibrant and dynamic sound.

The music video for “Bori,” which features 6ix9ine and Lenier in various locations throughout Cuba, is similarly impressive. The visuals are stunning, with vibrant colors and beautiful scenery that flawlessly captures the spirit of the music. The video also includes shots of 6ix9ine interacting with the locals, giving the entire experience a more personal touch.

“Bori” is a fantastic departure from 6ix9ine’s usual sound, demonstrating the artist’s ability to deliver important and introspective music. The partnership with Lenier is brilliant, and the production and visuals are superb. Overall, “Bori” is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys Latin-infused R&B or the music of 6ix9ine.

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