August Alsina ‘Myself’ Album Review


August Alsina

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Date: 10 Mar, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2023 Shake the World / EMPIRE

August Alsina 'Myself' Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024


The wait for August Alsina’s new album, which has been nearly three years, has ended. The “I Like This Shit” singer released “Myself” on Friday, taking a more reflective approach to his usually upbeat songs. Alsina, Who is 30 now, teased listeners with several pieces earlier this year before the long-awaited album’s release. Earlier, Following his health battles, he claimed that he would “likely” retire from music on September 21, 2021, so this 10-track album will be a sign of relief for his fans, who likely do not want the crooner and amazing vocalist to end the promising career soon.

Album Art

August Alsina 'Myself' Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024

The album art is a Mug-shot photo of August as he seems to hint at being “guilty and criminal” to “something” he acknowledges. The Three facial representations are pure genius and may represent his personality and growth journey that has appeared to be found ” guilty” by the judging audience. The black and white background may result from how plain August is trying to be in this track and in the future from now on -after all, the truth is “either black or white and never in-between.”

Track And Features

The project’s opening track, also called “Myself,” was released in January and set the stage for the introspective revelations found throughout the album. Then, in February, he added “Weekdays,” a session that involves Zu and Deeno. This catchy, anthem-like song serves as a more uplifting addition to this 10-track album and further self-reflects on the New Orleans rapper’s continuous hustling mentality.

On Friday, 10 Mar, the complete album Myself was released, with songs like “Lied to You,” “August,” and “Party” expanding on the teasers that had already been made public. Alsina teams up with 4ayem for the smooth song “Friends,” reinventing the well-known children’s music that Jibbs mashup in 2006 for “Chain Hang Low.” The vocalist teams up with Layton Greene for the song “On Me,” creating a sensual track that masterfully combines both melodic vocals.

As mentioned earlier, the 10-track album with just three features has the controversial Star belting out his soul as this very personal body of work has August asserting himself as a determined hustler and bag chaser despite the seeming adversities he gets to face.

“Myself” is a kind of re-introduction to the streets as “Lied To You” has August telling the roads that he remains an OG, and this track which resembles an advice session, shows braggadocios and some slick-talking, as he keeps mentioning what’s true or false about his game.

Zu and Deano have a hell of a feature with August. With hard bass, raps, Fire lyrics, and The Attitude, “Weekdays” has it all. The trio keeps grinding and balling throughout the week, as the message seems to be that “what is given to balling is gotten through grinding.” -and smart too. “Never Fold” sees August return solo as he serenades his listeners and talks up his never-say-never spirit. “Same” and “Party” serves chill melodies in well-laced vocals that Alsina delivers as he reminds the streets and the hoes that he hasn’t changed even though he has grown.

The song “Party” has a mellow party vibe, and Alsina isn’t ready to wait until Friday since every day should be a party. ‘August’ is August once more, giving his introduction. This tune is so slick that he even sings his name in incredibly alluring melodies. Another quirky song on the album is “Rules,” in which Alsina refers to limitations and authority.

The duet with 4ayem in “Friends” begs the listener’s indulgence to consider the value of friendship while posing queries about how friendship is conceptualized. The album’s final song, “On Me,” features Alsina and Layton Greene, providing a well-deserved conclusion. The song’s melodies, lyrics, and emotional resonance helped the record maintain the high energy level and lovely vocalizations that have come to be associated with the August brand. This track, which concludes the enjoyable listening voyage, also chronicles themes of romance, love, relationship-related antics, and passion.


1 Myself 2:06
2 Lied to You 3:00
3 Weekdays (feat. Zu & Deeno) 3:27
4 Never Fold 1:45
5 Same 2:48
6 Party 2:32
7 August 2:11
8 Rules 2:50
9 Friends 2:38
10 On Me 3:17

Album Summary

Ultimately, this new album is a celebration of self-reliant hustlers who can be successful without the assistance of others. Alsina doesn’t hesitate to display the independence that has enabled him to succeed, whether by rejecting fictitious allies or issuing threats against the entire world. When he announced the album’s release, the Def Jams Recording artist posted a promo video outlining the idea behind the album “Myself.”


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