Bad Bunny “Un Verano Sin Ti” Album Review

Un Verano Sin Ti

Bad Bunny

  • Genre: Latin
  • Release Date: 2022-05-06
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Track Count: 23
  • ℗ 2022 Rimas Entertainment

Un Verano Sin Ti (A Summer Without You) is a cohesively packaged journey through the various sounds characteristic of the Caribbean region, including reggaetón, bomba, Dominican dembow, Dominican mambo, and bachata, among others. It was recorded in his native island of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The 23 songs on the CD are conceptualized using an A side and B side layout that divides serenity and deliberate thought from high-energy party and enjoyable sonidos.

Its alluring sonic collage further draws listeners into El Conejo’s world of unconventional genre mashes, sharp and melancholy synths, and experimental arrangements. It is a devoted homage to Caribbean culture that embraces underrepresented Latin American scenes, from the criminalization of reggaeton to the exclusion of genres with Black roots like bachata, dembow, and mambo.

Album Cover ArtBad Bunny &Quot;Un Verano Sin Ti&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 26, 2024

There is a heart-shaped figure with somewhat thick legs and stick hands. But there is something striking about the aesthetics of the design. All around the heart-shaped figure is everything bright and beautiful, from beach palm trees to fishes taking another happy dive into their habitat to the bright morning sun.

However, all that doesn’t seem to have any impact on the heart-shaped figure, clearly portrayed by its forlorn face. Something seems to be eating aware at it. Those rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts did Bad Bunny carry into the curation of Un Verano Sin Ti.

Tracks and Features

This album’s duration gives the listener their initial impression. It is Bad Bunny’s longest album, lasting 81 minutes and 23 songs, and it may be difficult to finish in one sitting. Furthermore, each title on the tracklist is a complete piece because there are no intros, interludes, or outros.

He does, however, divide the tracklist between Side A and Side B, which is an aesthetic, retro touch for an album that has only been made available on digital streaming platforms up until this point.

Each song on “Un Verano Sin Ti” stands alone as a unique work. There are no filler tracks included in the tracklist to take up time or space. Even “Un Coco” and “Aguacero,” the two songs that are easiest to skip, are distinctly above-average.

The album’s most streamed song, “Callaita,” which features inventive vocals and demonstrates Bad Bunny’s superb wordplay, is also its greatest track. Another song, “Titi Me Pregunto,” is a superb example of Bad Bunny’s fusion of reggaeton and Latin trap music.

His blending of sounds can be bold and thrilling at times. ‘El Apagón’ begins as an a cappella chant before transforming into a techno four-on-the-floor monster that almost makes 2 Unlimited from the 1990s Eurodance scene come to mind. ‘Después de la Playa’ starts off with Bad Bunny’s voice floating over chilling synths before exploding into a frenzied mambo dance that is both fantastic and subtly off-balance.

The appropriately woozy “Ojitos Lindos” features Colombian psychedelic band Bomba Estéreo, and the dreamy “Otro Atardecer” features The Maras, a genre-defying L.A. duo with Puerto Rican lead singer Mara Zardoya. Buscabulla, a Puerto Rican two-piece, contributes magnificent ethereal vocals to the introspective masterpiece “Andrea,” which is about female strength.

Bad Bunny’s team does a fantastic job of searching the industry for artists who suit his style, and unexpected collaborations with artists like Chencho Corleone give amazing depth and variation to the sound. The features on the album are more than just features. It’s the sound of an artist in his imperial phase doing as he pleases without needing to try too hard: not just a low-key flex, but a richly entertaining listen.


NO Title Artist Time
1 Moscow Mule Bad Bunny 4:05
2 Después de la Playa Bad Bunny 3:50
3 Me Porto Bonito Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone 2:58
4 Tití Me Preguntó Bad Bunny 4:03
5 Un Ratito Bad Bunny 2:56
6 Yo No Soy Celoso Bad Bunny 3:50
7 Tarot Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez 3:57
8 Neverita Bad Bunny 2:53
9 La Corriente Bad Bunny & Tony Dize 3:18
10 Efecto Bad Bunny 3:33
11 Party Bad Bunny & Rauw Alejandro 3:47
12 Aguacero Bad Bunny 3:30
13 Enséñame a Bailar Bad Bunny 2:56
14 Ojitos Lindos Bad Bunny & Bomba Estéreo 4:18
15 Dos Mil 16 Bad Bunny 3:28
16 El Apagón Bad Bunny 3:21
17 Otro Atardecer Bad Bunny & The Marías 4:04
18 Un Coco Bad Bunny 3:16
19 Andrea Bad Bunny & Buscabulla 5:39
20 Me Fui de Vacaciones Bad Bunny 3:00
21 Un Verano Sin Ti Bad Bunny 2:28
22 Agosto Bad Bunny 2:19
23 Callaita Bad Bunny & Tainy 4:10

Album Theme

Bad Bunny establishes himself as the top Latin musician with “Un Verano Sin Ti,” a success of contemporary reggaeton music, and argues that it is also his best album to date. He describes his experiences with romantic relationships while navigating the highs and lows of relationships.

Production Credits

The album was produced by seasoned, recognized hitmakers like MAG and La Paciencia, who both contributed to the development of Bad Bunny’s sound.


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