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  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2022-04-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2022 Her Name is Banks, Inc. under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc.

If you ever thought of BANKS as the girl who walked away from the scene, she’s taken steps back with her new album. Her fourth studio project, the “Serpentina” album, was officially released on April 8, 2022. It has been called a reintroduction to her as an artist and also a new body of sounds that might register her back where she once was.

With this new project, BANKS gained complete creative control. It is no wonder she debuts new sounds that suit her quite well. The project also touches on how her ill health affects her career. On the new “Serpentina” album, BANKS tries new things. She also shows how far she’s come from her past health struggles and how much she’s reinvented herself.


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Banks &Ldquo;Serpentina&Rdquo; Album Cover

If you’ve followed BANKS’ previous album covers, you know how much she’s been the focus on 100 percent of them. She’s one of those artists who frame the album art to suit their state of mind but with them in full view. On the 2019 “ILL” album cover, she gave us a full view as she struck a memorable pose.

This time, she focuses all of the attention on her face. BANKS’ face is wrapped around in black thread with her left hand holding her cheek. She stares vulnerably into the camera. The cover photo is both vulnerable and hopeful.


Featuring 13 tracks, BANKS rides solo on all of them except the tenth, “Spirit”. The song features contributions from Alt R&B artist, Samoht. He is best known for the 2020 EPs “Clear” and “Alpha”. Teaming up, they both expertly deliver the song. While he is the only artist featured on the album, Samoht makes sure that his appearance in it is unforgettable.

The “Serpentina” album houses 13 tracks. The most popular track on the album is “Holding Back”. The song was released alongside “Skinnydipped” and “The Devil” on February 25. It has garnered over three million streams on Spotify alone. The second most popular track on the album is “I Still Love You”. “The Devil” sounds like it tore pages from Billie Eilish’s Grammy-winning song “Bad Guy”.


No Title Artist Time
1 Misunderstood Banks 1:41
2 Meteorite Banks 4:17
3 Fuck Love Banks 2:49
4 Deadend Banks 3:55
5 Holding Back Banks 3:52
6 The Devil Banks 2:47
7 Skinnydipped Banks 2:55
8 Burn Banks 3:25
9 Birds By the Sea Banks 3:00
10 Spirit (feat. Samoht) Banks 2:29
11 Anything 4 U Banks 3:06
12 Unleavable Banks 4:15
13 I Still Love You Banks 2:55

Production & Vocal Delivery

BANKS’ “Serpentina” album was produced by several record producers, including Lido, TĀLĀ, Shlohmo, Orlando Higginbottom, STIKMATIK, Ben Darwish, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, Al Shux, Alex Gruz, Beat Butcha, and Jeff Kleinman. BANKS also appears as a co-produced on a majority of the songs on the album.

She also delivers amazing vocals on every track on the album. As mentioned earlier, Samoht also proves a worthy feature by contributing to the project. His vocal delivery is laudable.

She has stated that while she suffered so much following the release of the “ILL” album in 2019, working on “Serpentina” helped her heal. She dishes amazing vocals on every track. For example, she sings “please let me be misunderstood” in the album’s opening track, “Misunderstood”. She also thrives in the album’s woozy and glitchy production. It is undeniably her forte. With a massive reputation as one of the US’s best Alt R&B artists, BANKS explores new sounds as bold as her lyrics.


The new “Serpentina” album proves how much BANKS has grown as a human being and how much she’s reinventing herself and her sound. She proves that she’s got newfound strength that helps her pull through each track on the album. In the song “Spirit,” she sings, “When I feel like / Feel like giving up / Something in my spirit tells me I ain’t had enough.” In one of the tracks, “Burn”, she proves her reliability as she sings “I’ll be here just in case you decide you want some help.”


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Listeners Review

Just amazing
By oh f yeh

Instant Love.
By lyrical_ty
I have been following Banks since her debut. This is her 4th album. And her lyrics still hit. Her tone is unmatched. This album tells a beautiful story. She is truly a song writer. Happy Serpentina!

By Fruity.Funk22
This comes from someone who loves, and still listens to, Banks’s past albums (each a finely crafted masterpiece to the ear-with the exception of this one, of course). So, I was certainly hyped up for Serpentina; especially with the singles The Devil and Skinnydipped, which both had me expecting for something ‘more’ from her. However, I suppose every artist is allowed a flop or two in their career.

By TayPalms93
Seeing Banks grow as an artist over the years, you can tell she put her whole heart and soul into this album. Just amazing.

Perfection. 😍
By Taralynnors
It’s amazing! I had been playing the singles on repeat & now the full album. She did it again. I don’t want to skip any of the tracks. Love them all. Can’t wait to see her in Seattle with my daughter! 10/10 would recommend!

By MollyMolivre
What an amazing album as always. So raw and beautiful

Delivered AGAIN!!
By CoolPerson!101
Banks surpasses all expectations over and over.

By Alex_Newtown
This is a FANTASTIC album – period.

All I have to say is, since 2014.
By literaturewh0re
I’m sure most of your audience has come across your music, at least once. Divergent, the longest ride, greys anatomy, and now deep water. I’ve always admired artist who are willing to share their most intimate thoughts and experiences so publicly, it takes courage and an indescribable type of boldness. It’s not easy, personally, I can rarely ever be completely transparent with my significant other about my feelings. But your music has helped me come to terms that it’s OK to feel. Your music has followed me since 7th grade until now, I’m 20. Thank you for your lyrics, they’re truly a work of art.

Another one thank you
By Livgem98
Jillian does it again- I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever love a single as much as I love Holding Back. Every song on this album has given me a near visceral reaction with the raw emotion and production but that’s nothing new with Jill; she should be SO proud. Every year I manifest she gets the recognition she deserves because I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an artist that is so real, raw, and talented (and freaky deaky). I could almost feel her healing in Birds by the Sea, and her passion/desire in Anything 4 U. Once you listen, you’ll never go back 🖤

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