Beach House “Become” EP Review

Enchanting Escapes: Beach House's "Become" EP - A Dreamy Exploration of Love and Mystery

Become – EP

Beach House

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 28 Apr, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Track(s): 5
  • ℗ 2023 Sub Pop Records

“Become,” first published for Record Store Day, comprises five tracks that Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally didn’t think fit on their most recent album, 2022’s Once Twice Melody. But don’t expect anything out of the ordinary. The new EP is lush and starry enough to play alongside their previous studio release without killing the vibe.

“Become” retains some of the glitters from their last album and the occasional discomfort. It’s pleasant, but it still feels like an afterthought. “Become” might even be an excellent spot to start listening to Beach House if you’ve never heard of them, but like a lot of other songs in their extensive discography, it serves as a reminder that their captivating studio albums are not as easy to make as they may seem.

EP Cover Art

Beach House &Quot;Become&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 6, 2023

Two keys with heart-shaped heads hang side by side on the same key holder, indicating love and unity. It’s also nice to notice that the keys are by themselves and not with many others, which depicts nonconformity, an intrinsic characteristic of Beach House.

Tracks and Features

The moody “American Daughter” begins the EP. The song narrates the loss of a lover. As the calm Pop beat slowly swells, with the introduction of hard-hitting drums, the singer continues about this sweet lady and all the intimate moments they shared. Finally, she gets vulnerable and tells us how she is losing bits of her mind thinking about a lover who is no longer a part of her existence. The gloomy lyrics express just how much her lover is greatly missed.

The EP’s virtues and shortcomings are best displayed in “Devil’s Pool.” Longtime listeners will have strong sensory recollections due to the tinny, Casio-style beats covered with velvety organ. Beach House is most at ease when they incorporate Legrand’s breathy purr, Scally’s Twin Peaks guitar twinkles, and a scattering of live percussion. The song’s assurances to a loved one who is medicated beyond reach have some potential, and an odd, cicada-like buzzing adds a little diversity.

“Holiday House” is a yearning for nostalgia. The singer talks about experiences that elicit just that. However, she also creates beautiful imagery for listeners of what she does to unwind or stay grounded, which are chill activities anyone could indulge in. Somehow, Enya is an artist that crosses your mind when you listen to this track due to the similarities in the voice and deliveries of both vocalists.

The gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar begins “Black Magic,” a song of wonder about different contexts of black magic. The singer tries to piece together the puzzle of another’s attraction to strange stuff. The mystery of this person is what she tags as black magic. She also sings about ‘de ja vu’ moments, referring to that as black magic. Anything fascinating enshrouded in mystery is what black magic is, which is one helluva way to see it. The soft instrumental helps you feel the emotions behind the voice.

The title track closes the EP. It’s hard to tell if she’s singing fondly about her favorite hallucinogenic drug or preaching the gospel of love and light. It might as well be both because the song starts as a tribute to her bright and crystalline ‘rubies’ and trails off into self-love and becoming ‘light.’ Whichever the case, the track becomes the fitting closure for “Become.”




1American Daughter
2Devil’s Pool
3Holiday House
4Black Magic

EP Theme

The musings of a mind intrigued by love and the encrypted complexities of existence.

Production Credits

All of the EP’s songs were self-produced by the dream pop duo, which consists of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand.


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