blackbear “in loving memory” Album Review

in loving memory


    • Genre: Pop Punk
    • Date: 26 Aug, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2022 Alamo Records, LLC/Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment

“in loving memory” is the highly anticipated new album from multi-platinum selling singer, songwriter and producer blackbear. This collection is blackbear’s sixth studio album, and illustrates a return to his most authentic self and taking back control of his sound with his most reflective, nostalgic, and personal album to date. While recording a track called “the idea” in 2021 with Travis Barker, blackbear was inspired to create an entire album that gave him that same feeling of nostalgia of leaning into his pop-punk and emo beginnings.

Album Cover Art

Blackbear &Quot;In Loving Memory&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 24, 2024

Short story: The man in white with a red tie is about to leave his home very early at dawn, and gets murdered in cold blood by the man dressed in the all-black, typical villain’s outfit with the face mask to match. From the looks of it, he lurked around waiting for the man in white to get in his car and when he tries doing so, the man in black comes at him with the knife visible in his grip and goes for his lower abdomen, stabbing and stabbing and stabbing him until he was sure he really got him.

The man in white probably walks off for a bit and eventually slumps and dies, judging from the line of blood from where the point where he lies lifeless, to the point where his ride is parked. Like that isn’t enough, the man in black boldly writes on the garage doorway with his victim’s blood. He then stands staring down at his corpse in weird satisfaction for a job well-done. Funnily enough, though, both men are one and the same. An improved version got rid of the old, which can also be heard and felt on the album.

Tracks and Features

blackbear says it as it is on “i don’t love me,” the first song that begins the album. Frank as can be, he announces he does not love himself and with each day, he brings himself closer to his end. Because he believes he is that much of a mess, he says he cannot possibly give love, which honestly makes sense ’cause you can’t exactly give what you don’t have.

Employing the incredible talent of The Used on “toxic energy,” blackbear and Bert McCracken go down memory lane where they encountered lovers so toxic they had to save themselves by bolting, seeing as their ex-lovers in question had gone beyond the point of redemption. But sadly, the experience left them a bit traumatized.

On “nothing matters” he is joined by New Found Glory, and together, they revisit a painful heartbreak from a failed relationship that was really cherished. Numbness is only what is left to feel. Still speaking his truth, Machine Gun Kelly teamed up with him on “gfy,” to roast their exes especially for being unfaithful. And as per usual, the relationship left a haunting mark.

Bayside is invited on “poltergeist,” that represents both an ex that really had them messed up and the personal demons living rent-free in their heads which they have to battle. And just when you don’t see it coming, “hazel inside” comes along to sweeten things as it brings a whole lot of love and affection for someone dear to blackbear’s seemingly cold heart. That someone so happens to be his son, who brought light and a new sense of purpose into his life. A cute ending to a somewhat chaotic album.






1 i dont love me blackbear 3:19
2 dead inside blackbear 3:03
3 toxic energy blackbear & The Used 3:11
4 nothing matters blackbear & New Found Glory 3:23
5 gfy blackbear & Machine Gun Kelly 2:52
6 broken world blackbear 3:47
7 painkiller blackbear 3:04
8 fuilu blackbear 2:55
9 the idea blackbear 3:23
10 poltergeist blackbear & Bayside 3:28
11 back in rehab blackbear 2:38
12 hazel inside blackbear 3:04

Album Theme

From the extreme highs of his personal life, he gained a new perspective on love and carried that notion into this project.

Production Credits

Andrew Goldstein, blackbear & Travis Barker held down production.


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