Bladee & ECCO2K “Crest” Album Review

Read our extensive review of Bladee & ECCO2K's "Crest" album.


Bladee & Ecco2k

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2022-03-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: International
  • Track Count: 9
  • ℗ 2022 YEAR0001

Bladee and ECCO2K have blessed fans with a beautiful new album that’s already buzzing. The two have always had a thing for taking their fans by surprise. So we saw it coming when they dropped the first single off the album, we knew there was more on the way.

This isn’t their first time working on an album together. While they’ve collaborated on a long list of tracks, back in 2019, they teamed up with Thaiboy Digital to release the “Trash Osland” album. They worked hand in hand on the 8-track project and gave fans a lot to enjoy. This time, they’re doing a solo run on this new delivery.


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One thing to love about Bladee and ECCO2K is that they constantly immerse themselves in every detail of their work. One look at the cover art for the album, and you’d know it was designed by none other than one of the duo.

We hear Bladee drew the artwork himself. It may not be perfect, but it is exactly what it should be. The artwork shows a lonely red house in the middle of a field. It looks perfect underneath the blue sky and is pictured through a hand-sketched frame that looks like a Batman symbol entwined to make a design. It is as simple as it is complex.


One thing to never expect from a Bladee and ECCO2K collaboration is guest features. Just like we mentioned above, they’re famous for immersing themselves in every detail of the work, including the delivery of the song. There are no additional features on the album, just both singing the songs and delivering the backup vocals. So here’s what we think, does anyone need additional contributions if they’ve got something locked down?

Popular Tracks

Before the “Crest” album’s release, Bladee and ECOO2K released the first single from the project (unexpectedly) titled “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. Before the song dropped, we had no idea that they’d been working on anything together.


NO Title Time
1 The Flag Is Raised 2:59
2 5 Star Crest (4 Vattenrum) 8:49
3 White Meadow 3:29
4 Faust 2:05
5 Yeses (Red Cross) 3:01
6 Desire Is a Trap 2:50
7 Chaos Follows 2:30
8 Girls Just Want to Have Fun 2:14
9 Heaven Sings 2:52

It wasn’t that much of a surprise when an entire album followed later. The project also contains some beautifully created tracks, including “Chaos Follows”, “The Flag Is Raised”, and “Faust”. Also, the track “5 Star Crest (4 Vattenrum)”, an obvious ode to the late Stockholm producer Vattenrum, also known as Isak Bernalt is not to be ignored. The song appears as the second track on the album. It runs 9 minutes long, features some beautiful transitions, and focuses on themes of loss and longing. Vattenrum passed away 3 years ago in 2019. He is best recognized for his work on songs by Gravity Boys and Sad Boys. No doubt, they were hugely inspired by his work.

Production & Vocal Delivery

Fellow Drain Gang associate, Whitearmor solely produces the entire “Crest” album. Just listening to the 9-track long album, there is no doubt that he killed it all through. It gives the impression that Bladee and ECOO2K are running in his playground while he builds a couple of the tracks with their vocals. The vocal delivery is equally impressive. They both compliment each other on all the songs on the album.


Like many of their previous efforts, fans did not see the “Crest” album coming. It was the same story as the album’s first single. Although the project dropped unexpectedly, it has proven to be some of their best work together. Bladee and ECOO2K make themselves comfortable around Whitearmor’s production and give their fans enough new music to leave on repeat. You should hear it.

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