Boj “Gbagada Express Vol 2: Moving Mad” Album Review

Gbagada Express Vol 2: Moving Mad


  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 02 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 9
  • ℗ 2023 MOVES Recordings

The eagerly awaited “Gbagada Express Vol 2: Moving Mad Album” by alternative Nigerian singer-songwriter BOJ has been published. This outstanding LP offers a first-rate listening experience and displays BOJ’s distinctive musical approach. “Gbagada Express Vol 2: Moving Mad Album,” a collection of 9 engrossing songs, is proof of BOJ’s artistic ability and flexibility. The album’s songs each provide a unique aural experience by smoothly fusing several musical styles and influences.

Album Cover Art

Boj &Quot;Gbagada Express Vol 2: Moving Mad&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 13, 2024

As an upgrade to his last project, BOJ is pictured in his red long-sleeve shirt, red beanie and shades, cycling through another city in Gbagada, his hood, the city he was born and raised in.

Tracks and Features

BOJ, in his usual manner, enters the place with the premium Alte energy in “Foreigner.” The singer, without stress, allowed the beat to play for over 30 seconds before he decided to come in. No, like, you cannot hate on this man’s chill but mature vibe. The same energy is what he offers on the song. BOJ says he’s in a corner counting up his racks, blowing his trees in peace. In addition, the beat came too clutch. The good vibes filter into track two, “Woodwork.” This time is the vibe is grown and for grown folks because BOJ gets into some nasty waters as he describes how intimate and steamy things get between him and his lover.

“Woodwork” becomes an extension of the previous jam. Because there are many ways to kill a rat, BOJ finds a more melodious and sweeter style to present the same theme of intimacy between couples. He turns it up a notch by bringing Melissa along with exquisite production from TSB. Having this playing in the background when you have your man or woman over is enough to create the mood for something to happen even when there were no prior plans. BOJ knows how to work his magic so well. The musical wizardry proceeds into “2 Bad,” an ode to his new superstar girlfriend, Dunsin Wright, Tems’ stylist and fashion head. When you see this babe, you will understand BOJ. Best in baddie.

Ayra Starr displays again why she is the sabi girl in “Line Of Fire,” where she renders one of her best choruses yet. BOJ, of course, does what BOJ does best; impregnating beats with high-end Alte energy before murdering them. Yeah, it’s a pattern and it manifested in this gorgeous, gorgeous song. You’ll want to fall in love so bad, so you could have an actual person to think of when songs like this come on. Tay Iwar and Knucks concur with the way BOJ feels in “Soak Garri.” BOJ and the gang get vulnerable and sings about carrying an inner burden but finding some relief when love came into the picture. And, getting through tough times leaning on love.

Alte meets the streets in “No Option” featuring hip-hop rave of the moment Odumodublvck. Over the P. Priime-produced beat, both artists flex their bragging rights. You can always trust Odumo to bring the hard Okporoko vibe. In the next song, the previously released “See Me (A Colors Show),” BOJ swoons over his lover and the insane body she is endowed with. For the final song, “Way Up,” BOJ steps out of his comfort zone and hits a high note that would make you scared for him for him but he pulls through. The singer gets real and sings passionately about his goals of getting money and putting his mommy in a drop top. The group banter at the end adds so much life to the song’s vibe.


1 Foreigner BOJ 2:15
2 Woodwork BOJ 1:54
3 Brand New BOJ, Melissa & TSB 3:20
4 2 Bad BOJ 2:36
5 Line of Fire BOJ & Ayra Starr 4:15
6 Soak Garri (feat. Tay Iwar) BOJ & Knucks 3:31
7 No Option BOJ & ODUMODUBLVCK 2:32
8 See Me BOJ 2:23
9 Way Up BOJ 2:35

Album Theme

“Gbagada Express Vol 2: Moving Mad Album” takes listeners on a musical journey that explores many thoughts and emotions. The album perfectly displays BOJ’s talent for creating catchy melodies and insightful lyrics.

Production Credits

P. Priime, TSB and other producers handled the album’s production.


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