Brandi Carlile “In These Silent Days (Deluxe Edition) / In The Canyon Haze” Album Review

In These Silent Days (Deluxe Edition) / In The Canyon Haze

Brandi Carlile

    • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
    • Date: 01 Oct, 2021
    • Content: Not-explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 21
  • A Low Country Sound/Elektra Records release. Under exclusive license to Elektra Records LLC, ℗ 2021 Brandi Carlile Band LLC

The deluxe edition of Brandi Carlile’s critically acclaimed No. 1 album, In These Silent Days, titled In The Canyon Haze, includes brand-new renditions of each song from the original album that are inspired by Laurel Canyon as well as a special performance of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” The Hanseroth twins, Phil and Tim, and Carlile produced the album, which was recorded in their barn studio at home.

Album Cover Art

Brandi Carlile &Quot;In These Silent Days (Deluxe Edition) / In The Canyon Haze&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 12, 2024

Brandi sits somberly with her back against the wall, as she stares calmly at the fingers of her right hand that rests on her thigh. For a person in such a sober mood, Brandi has quite the dress sense as she dons a multicolored jacket with equally colorful flowery designs which is worn over a red fabric. The dull but beautiful colors still contribute and further add their own unique shade to the mood.

Tracks and Features

“Right on Time” opens the album and what a delivery Brandi dishes on this! This is a love song that paints the picture of a relationship where compromise has been a constant factor, though it seems about to fall apart. Brandi appeals to the emotional side of her lover and seeks to encourage the continuity of this compromise. Its version “In The Canyon Haze” sees a slight deviation from its version “In these Silent Days” as it was redone on a tempo slightly increased, with a brief interval of instrumentation added to the duet vocalizations.

“You and Me on the Rock” is the first song with a feature of the album, and Lucius is that guest act. The acoustic guitar chords are Country-like and the percussions supplement to give an appreciable blend of sounds. The duet by Brandi and Lucius turns out to be splendid as well. The song touches on unashamed love and a contented relationship. The background vocals also add a bit of color to the song. It also has its own “In The Canyon Haze” version that is also a bit up-tempo when compared to its “In These Silent Days” version.

“This Time Tomorrow” starts with the vocals and acoustic chords in the background and stands in support for undying love irrespective of distance and challenges as the message of “I’ll always be with you” rings out. Its “In The Canyon Haze” version has a violin interlude and as usual, backup vocals are well on point.

“Throwing Good After Bad” serves as the end for the “In These Silent Days” part of the album and Brandi’s vocals are enchanting as always. The track begins with a soft humming over piano chords. The speaks about a love that is fading fast despite the urge to keep it abloom. The violin chords brought into the mix also help keep the vibe alive.

“Space Oddity” serves as the close for “In The Canyon Haze” and the album in general. It’s a combo of acoustic and piano chords with a dash of heavy but smooth percussion instrumentation. The lyrics of the song helps you paint a mental picture of a flight routine in progress while also making actual references to relationships. Brandi uses this analogy to pass the message that what will be will be and there’s “nothing one can do about it.” The song also brings with it a soothing lead guitar strumming interlude. Overall, this is a an awesome project and its delivery is very commendable, putting it in modest words, that is.


1 Right on Time 3:05
2 You and Me On The Rock (feat. Lucius) 3:50
3 This Time Tomorrow 3:26
4 Broken Horses 5:03
5 Letter To The Past 3:40
6 Mama Werewolf 3:41
7 When You’re Wrong 4:26
8 Stay Gentle 2:28
9 Sinners, Saints and Fools 4:32
10 Throwing Good After Bad 4:07
11 Right on Time (In The Canyon Haze) 3:08
12 You and Me On The Rock (In The Canyon Haze) 4:17
13 This Time Tomorrow (In The Canyon Haze) 3:47
14 Broken Horses (In The Canyon Haze) 5:55
15 Letter To The Past (In The Canyon Haze) 3:30
16 Mama Werewolf (In The Canyon Haze) 4:14
17 When You’re Wrong (In The Canyon Haze) 5:42
18 Stay Gentle (In The Canyon Haze) 3:31
19 Sinners, Saints and Fools (In The Canyon Haze) 4:41
20 Throwing Good After Bad (In The Canyon Haze) 4:11
21 Space Oddity 5:00

Album Theme

The record, which was inspired by the recent, profoundly transformative years of “Joni Jams,” is about liberty, the friction and independence from contemporary digital distractions that provided such rich soil for west coast poets and thespians.

Production Credits

Carlile and the Hanseroth twins, Phil and Tim, collaborated to produce the record.


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