Cody Johnson “Cody Johnson & The Rockin’ CJB Live” Album Review

Cody Johnson & The Rockin’ CJB Live

Cody Johnson

  • Genre: Country
  • Date: 02 Dec, 2022
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 27
  • ℗ 2022 CoJo Music LLC under exclusive license to Warner Music Nashville LLC.

The platinum-selling musician Cody Johnson, who has more than 40 sold-out shows this year and is renowned for his explosive live performances and dynamic stage presence, has released a new live album with his seasoned touring band. This past June, back-to-back sold-out performances by “Cody Johnson & The Rockin’ CJB” were taped live on the road. There are two sections to the digital album. There are 13 songs in part one and 14 in part two, including a cover of “Long Haired Country Boy” by The Charlie Daniels Band. With the Nov. 4 release of the live rendition of “Human,” Johnson gave fans a preview of what to anticipate from the live album.

Album Cover Art

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Cody is in his Country star element, dressed the part as he rocks a cowboy hat, a simple long-sleeve shirt tucked into some jean trousers and his guitar, that appears to have the face of an emoji, is slung across his shoulders. His demeanor is passionate and spirited as he seems to be yelling into the air with his right hand clinching the microphone.

Tracks and Features

The opening tune of the 27-track country album, “CoJo Nation (Intro),” showcases Cody Johnson’s introduction to the enthusiastic crowd. Cody’s vocals come to life in “Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors,” the album’s second track, following a moving band intro that sets the mood for the rest of the album. He sings about drinking and having fun with others. This song appears to be intended to get you in the mood to dance or at the very least bop your head from side to side based on the lyrics and melodious beats. The beat progressions are executed flawlessly by the band as well.

Cody’s smooth vocals are introduced in “With You I am” by an acoustic chord Intro, which is followed by applause. The lyrics, in which the soloist sings about the impact a particular lover has had on him and how it has shaped who he is, mostly deal with love and relationship themes. The interlude of steel/electric guitar chords is well-composed, and the crowd sings along with the performance because it is so amazing. Another fantastic song on the album is “Diamond in my Pocket.” In this song about love, its balance, and affection, he uses his words to create a vivid image. He praises his lover for her support and claims that she “has a heart of Gold.”

Cody’s voice enter “Half a Song” with a laid-back Country style as he serenades the audience and sings about how quickly his love interest grabs his notice and how much he enjoys it. The lyrics, beat arrangement, and composition are all outstanding. The song “Stronger” is one Cody claims is for the ladies. He uses some fantastic parallels in the song’s lyrics to express how much he values his partner, singing of her tenacity, strength, and love. The violinist enters at various points and harmonizes flawlessly with the composition of the cool beat. In the song “The Rocking CJB Solo,” the band is introduced as they demonstrate their prowess and skill to the cheering crowd.

Beginning with smooth vocals that sing about how everything he has experienced has been predestined and is all a part of the plan, “On My Way To You” sets the tone. The band’s smooth Country groove and the audience’s emotional response combine to make for a cool performance. The album’s final song, “Dear Rodeo,” opens with a menacing guitar intro before Cody shockingly sings to his beloved, Rodeo, about how much he misses her despite the fact that she doesn’t. Though it seems to be headed for trouble, he presents a picture of a relationship that he still wants to be in. An emotional conclusion to the great listening experience is provided by the cheering crowd and the beat interlude at the end.


1 COJO Nation (Intro) [Live] 0:31
2 Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors (Live) 3:08
3 With You I Am (Live) 4:02
4 Wild as You (Live) 3:19
5 Ride With Me (Live) 3:35
6 Dance Her Home (Live) 2:45
7 Diamond in My Pocket (Intro) [Live] 2:02
8 Diamond in My Pocket (Live) 3:26
9 God Bless the Boy (Cori’s Song) [Live] 3:31
10 Half a Song (Live) 3:30
11 Stronger (Live) 3:46
12 Me and My Kind (Live) 2:43
13 Longer Than She Did (Live) 3:29
14 I Don’t Know a Thing About Love (Live) 3:57
15 Nothin’ on You (Live) 5:59
16 Son of a Ramblin’ Man (Live) 2:45
17 Let’s Build a Fire (Live) 2:53
18 Human (Intro) [Live] 3:25
19 Human (Live) 3:34
20 ‘Til You Can’t (Live) 4:25
21 Long Haired Country Boy (Intro) [Live] 5:13
22 Long Haired Country Boy (Live) 4:22
23 The Rockin’ CJB Solos (Live) 5:59
24 On My Way to You (Intro) [Live] 1:32
25 On My Way to You (Live) 3:26
26 Dear Rodeo (Intro) [Live] 2:16
27 Dear Rodeo (Live) 4:49

Album Theme

Listeners can sense the enthusiasm Cody brings to his spectacular gigs in each track thanks to the unpolished performance.

Production Credits

Jack Clarke & Trent Willmon handled production.


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