Daddy Yankee “Legendaddy” Album Review


Daddy Yankee

  • Genre: Latin Urban
  • Release Date: 2022-03-25
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Track Count: 19
  • ℗ 2022 El Cartel Records, manufactured and marketed by Republic Records

“Legendaddy” is the seventh studio album of Daddy Yankee’s career, which hits the streets under the record label El Cartel Records and Universal Music Group’s distribution. Produced by Daddy Yankee himself and the Dominican duo Luny Tunes, among others, “Legendaddy” is a well-thought-out work by the artist that includes 19 songs that try to review his long career.

Only the Puerto Rican superstar could get away with naming his farewell full-length with a portmanteau as cocksure as ‘Legendaddy’, a title fittingly in line with his perception of himself (concerning Don Omar) as the King of Reggaeton.

Album Cover Artwork

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The album cover shows the image of a goat’s head with two long, golden-like horns that bend behind the goat’s ears. Studying the appearance of this goat, a few things can be highlighted that go in tandem with the album title. First, we notice that this is no kid or goatling. Instead, that is a mature, aged goat, which says a lot about the wealth of experience possessed by Daddy Yankee.

The golden-like horns would signify some form of royalty, wealth, or high social status, things Yankee can boast of. And if you are savvy with the trends, you would have probably learned that the word “goat” isn’t always literal. It could also be an acronym: G.O.A.T., standing for “Greatest Of All Time”.

Over the years, Yankee has proven himself to be the G.O.A.T. in his Latino genre of music. And now that he has chosen to retire with this album, that is probably how he is feeling; successful and fulfilled enough to be the “Legenddaddy”.

Tracks and Features

“Legendaddy”, Daddy Yankee’s final album delves into the urban genre through 19 songs with titles such as “Champion”, “Remix”, “Pasatimo”, “Rumbaton”, or “X Last Time”. The list of songs includes the titles “Forever”, “One Quitao and Another Post”, “Trick”, “The Abuser of the Abuser”, “Enchuletia’o”, “Water”, “Zone of Perreo”, “Hot”, “The Wave”, “Bombon”, “The King of the Imperfect”, “Odd” and “Bloke”.


NO Title Artist Time
1 LEGENDADDY Daddy Yankee 0:48
2 CAMPEÓN Daddy Yankee 3:14
3 REMIX Daddy Yankee 2:43
4 PASATIEMPO Daddy Yankee & Myke Towers 3:24
5 RUMBATÓN Daddy Yankee 4:08
6 X ÚLTIMA VEZ Daddy Yankee & Bad Bunny 3:12
7 PARA SIEMPRE Daddy Yankee & Sech 3:30
8 UNO QUITAO Y OTRO PUESTO Daddy Yankee 3:09
9 TRUQUITO Daddy Yankee 0:26
11 ENCHULETIAO Daddy Yankee 3:09
12 AGUA Daddy Yankee, Rauw Alejandro & Nile Rodgers 3:24
13 ZONA DEL PERREO Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha & Becky G. 3:11
14 HOT Daddy Yankee & Pitbull 2:34
15 LA OLA Daddy Yankee 3:11
16 BOMBÓN Daddy Yankee, El Alfa & Lil Jon 3:02
17 EL REY DE LO IMPERFECTO Daddy Yankee 2:36
18 IMPARES Daddy Yankee 3:15
19 BLOKE Daddy Yankee 2:44

Opening with the track “Campeón”, the Latino legend bursts with braggadocio, describing himself as boss and legend alike, the logical conclusion to a self-penned narrative some two decades old.

“Pasatiempo” is a thumping collab with the like-minded Myke Towers, where producers Play N Skillz cheekily replay the melody of Robyn S’s “Show Me Love.”

Tracks like “La Ola” and the trap banger “Enchuletiao” feel fundamentally contemporary, reminding us that he’s been part of the current Latin music movement materially. Also effective are “El Abusador Del Abusador” and “Rumbatón,” which respectively add a tropical flair to the mix, thereby leaning into the island rhythms that preceded his chosen genre.

On “Bombón,” he blunts the presence of Dominican dembow demigod El Alfa by letting Lil Jon vomit his ancient ad-libs over the proceedings, which in turn reduces the track to something from a Miami hotel pool party in 2012.

Album Theme

The theme of the album is pretty straightforward, like crystals. The artiste is only looking forward to passing just one message, which is that he is leaving the game on a high note—going out with a BANG! He is flexing his bragging rights as the G.O.A.T. that has earned his stripes.

Yankee is trying to express the vibe he already houses from enjoying the beauties that come with being one of the illest in the industry ever to do it and the many luxurious side attractions that come with it. He wants to subtract the industry and focus on his la vida loca life.

Production Credits

The album is chiefly produced by Daddy Yankee, the Dominican duo Luny Tunes, and Play N Skillz.


Listeners Review

I love it 😍😍😍
By Yeni20,22
Great album. Diverse and those references to old songs. Oh my 🥰🥰🥰

Best Album of this decade this is for you haters 🙂
G.O.A.T the best to ever do it. El mejor de todo los tiempos. Put some respect on the GOAT you haters. This is for all you haters keep hating!!! 🙂 Please don’t retire Daddy Yankee we still need you you’re the GOAT!! Without you it’s not the same, we’re all going to miss you a lot!!

By Johan1818
Daddy Yankee never disappoints and his music is amazing and all songs are good and beats always are great.

The Goat The King
By Edwin Juny
Great Album musica de toa clases,el q diga lo contrario son haters

By Scorpion-reda
Sin duda un álbum legendario, Abran nuevos cantantes, pero nadie podrá ocupar tu lugar, 👑KING YANKEE – se lleva el trono con el mismo 🎤🥇🌎🤴🏻

By Onoblank
If this his swang song, he fell short.

By DY4Life
El mejor de todos los tiempos 🐐🙌🏻

By Lrondond

By Jdmdaboost
Amazing album perfecto 🤛

By Angelica_A_
This is so good!!!!

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