Daniel Caesar “Never Enough” Album Review


Daniel Caesar

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Date: 07 Apr, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 15
  • ℗ 2022 Hollace Inc., under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Introducing a brand-new version of the Toronto R&B sensation is Daniel Caesar’s brand-new album “Never Enough.” With the new album, Caesar jumps into a new phase of his music, leaving behind the gospel-infused arrangements of Freudian and the reflective slow burns of CASE STUDY 01. On his “Never Enough,” Caesar explores the ideas of time and space while illustrating the same themes of love, death, and faith that he has previously considered on his past albums.

Album Cover Art

Daniel Caesar &Quot;Never Enough&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

Inspired by a scene taken from his visual for “Let Me Go,” Caesar is captured in motion, frantically running from a woman who seems desperate to keep him around even if it is against his will. However, choosing this specific shot for an album cover could denote a more underlying meaning. It could be flight from his past, himself or maybe a person. It could also mean he is running toward a mark.

Tracks and Features

The third album’s eagerly anticipated opening track, “Ocho Rios,” features bizarre instrumentals and Caesar’s distinctive falsetto. He laments his treatment of her while thanking her for the love she has given him. He is speaking to a woman in his life. This problem with love is a recurring theme throughout the album.

Synthesizer-based “Valentina” continues the dreamy atmosphere. Caesar acknowledges the uncertainties of romantic relationships. This also applies to the ambiguity of shared emotions, as seen in the songs “Always” and “Do You Like Me?” Then there is the dilemma of how to depart despite the post-breakup emotions.

These challenges are divided into various experiences on the project. “Buyer’s Remorse” expresses remorse for a contemporary, non-love-based relationship, whilst “Shot My Baby” is more spiteful despite its melodious, excessively sweet melody. In “Homiesexual,” however, where Daniel Caesar begins by denigrating the relationship with the term, there is no trouble. He criticizes his ex-girlfriend and her new relationship excessively to vent his displeasure. He’s still trying to strike a balance between confidence and conceit.

The song “Toronto 2014” is a reflection of the time he spent retracing his roots. It opens with acoustic guitar strumming and then takes the listener on a nostalgic quest for identity. While “Superpowers” immerses listeners in Caesar’s method of regaining faith in himself, “Cool” demonstrates a persistent lack of confidence as rich vocal phrasing flows flawlessly throughout the song. On “Pain is Inevitable,” the conflict between his artistic freedom-derived confidence and his need to become a successful vocalist is on full show.

A standout track from the album is “Disillusioned,” which features the incredible serpentwithfeet. Both singers put their hearts into the groovy parts of the song, exposing their emotions to potential lovers. In the song “Vince Van Gogh,” the singer shows off his moniker relationship with the painter by equating his artistic ability and renown with that of the painter.

With a few pointless attempts at potency, the album starts nearing its end. “You’re the main character now,” vibe is expressed over the woozy instrumentals in “Superpowers,” while the closing track, “Unstoppable,” relies too heavily on its repetitive structure and monotonous lyrics. Near the end of the latter track, vocal support from Chronixx and Sabrina Claudio over powerful bass plucks at least slightly saves it. Caesar uses the song to both confront his critics and show how confident he is in his musical abilities.


1 Ocho Rios 2:33
2 Valentina 2:34
3 Toronto 2014 4:37
4 Let Me Go 3:36
5 Do You Like Me? 3:47
6 Always 3:45
7 Cool 4:04
8 Disillusioned 4:01
9 Buyer’s Remorse 2:32
10 Shot My Baby 4:28
11 Pain Is Inevitable 4:55
12 Homiesexual 3:50
13 Vince Van Gogh 2:44
14 Superpowers 2:54
15 Unstoppable 4:07

Album Theme

Caesar spends a good deal of the record navigating his surface-level feelings of love and anguish. The R&B singer Daniel Caesar’s cloudy uncertainty over the last three years is also captured in the album.

Production Credits

BADBADNOTGOOD, Christopher Jennings, Cyeux, Daniel Caesar, Jordan Evans, Mark Ronson, Matthew Burnett, Rami, Raphael Saadiq and a few other producers contributed to the album’s production.


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